Sunday, January 1, 2012

[Peninsula-Patriots] A message for 2012

Patriots, this is a message from a patriot in another tea party who passed away this year. I thought it pretty much expresses the thoughts that most of us have. I hope it will motivate you to do all you can in 2012 to help preserve this great nation.

"I'm a Patriot. However according to the new Reich, that's just "code" for being a Right-Wing Extremist, a Neo-Con, a Tea-bagger, a Racist, or whatever the slur of the day is for one who loves his country & defends their principles. From hard working America Loving Patriot to a "threat" just like that, in one media-dictated election.

The only thing that changed was the installation of an "administration" hell-bent on destroying America, & a renewed invigoration on my part, to do what I can to protect her. In short, I didn't change; the direction of our country did. On one hand it breaks my heart, on the other it infuriates me; I make my stand somewhere in the middle.

I would like to believe that rational discourse would suffice to put the brakes on the march to fascism; however neither our Founding Documents, the Constitution, intellect, reason, history nor plain old common sense appear to work with this administration. Still, through our continued efforts to uphold the Constitution & spread truth, the sheeple are awakening.

I stand with my fellow Patriots who believe in America, all that she was founded upon & (used to) represent. We neither share all beliefs nor political affiliation, & quite frankly some causes make me cringe. Yet fundamentally, we all believe in the Constitution & Country First, & respect our Veterans - and given the direction our country is going - that's good enough for me!

Have Faith, Be Strong, Speak Truth & God Bless"

Thomas L. Massung Jr.

 "If a nation expects to be ignorant and expects what never was and never will be"      Thomas Jefferson

DeWitt Edwards

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