Monday, January 29, 2024

Governor Glenn Youngkin Announces Blue Catfish Processing Grant Award

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Governor Glenn Youngkin Announces Blue Catfish Processing Grant Award

Increased processing capacity will enable Sea Farms, Inc. to expand purchasing of blue catfish from local watermen

RICHMOND, VA – Governor Glenn Youngkin announced today that Sea Farms, Inc. is being awarded $250,000 through the inaugural funding of the Governor’s Blue Catfish Processing, Flash Freezing, and Infrastructure Grant Program. This reimbursable grant will support the expansion, modernization of equipment and storage space with a new blast freezer in the company’s existing processing facility in Gloucester County. Once complete, Sea Farms will purchase more blue catfish from local watermen, which supports economic growth and helps to remove the invasive species from Virginia waterways.  

“I am pleased that this innovative funding will help mitigate the impact of blue catfish on our coastal ecosystems and turn this delicious fish into an economic driver in Virginia’s coastal communities,” said Governor Glenn Youngkin. “The blue catfish has become abundant in Virginia waterways and this increased processing capacity will bring more catfish to markets and restaurant tables up and down the East Coast. I encourage all Virginians to give this nutritious fish a try.”  

“This grant funding will help to turn the invasive blue catfish into a valuable commercial seafood product. The award not only benefits Sea Farms, but also local watermen who currently limit their catch due to limited processing availability,” said Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry Matthew Lohr.  

Located in both Gloucester and Mathews counties, Sea Farms is a family-owned and operated aquaculture and seafood processing business that opened its doors in 1987. The company maintains an on-site aquaculture farm to grow oysters from larvae to maturity and operates a year-round shellfish facility for shucking and packaging shell oysters and clams. In addition, the seafood processing plant processes and distributes a variety of fish, including salmon, tuna, halibut, mahi, and swordfish. Sea Farms began processing wild-caught blue catfish in 2018 and is a certified USDA-approved catfish processor. Through its on-site distribution and logistics center, Sea Farms supplies products to local markets throughout Virginia and to entities along the East Coast.  

“This funding is crucial to the expansion of Sea Farms, as it will allow us to buy and sell larger quantities of blue catfish, hire additional employees, and support the local fishing community,” said Sea Farms Vice President of Operations Chris Sopko. “I would like to thank Governor Youngkin and his administration for this funding and support of Virginia’s seafood industry.” 

“I was happy to patron the funding proposal that made this grant opportunity available. I am delighted to see it go to good use to support the seafood industry and watermen in rural coastal Virginia and the entire Chesapeake Bay,” said Delegate Keith Hodges. 

“This investment will spark economic growth across Virginia's fishing communities, introducing a new commodity to the market, fostering increased investment, job opportunities, and a greater seafood supply for consumers.” said Senator Ryan McDougle. 

The Governor’s Blue Catfish Processing, Flash Freezing, and Infrastructure Grant Fund was established during the 2023 General Assembly session to address the overpopulation of the invasive blue catfish in the Chesapeake Bay. It is part of a larger effort by state agencies to combat a species wreaking havoc on Virginia’s ecosystems by incentivizing local watermen to catch and sell an abundant, inexpensive fish for consumer consumption. 

“Gloucester County Economic Development is pleased to support this grant award and we applaud Sea Farms, Inc. for their dedication to our waterways,” said Director Sherry Spring, Gloucester Economic Development. “Their commitment and partnership will make a positive impact in the communities surrounding the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries.” 


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Saturday, January 27, 2024

Jonathan's Campaign Continues






Dear Robert,

The campaign to Save Virginia and Save America continued this past week. The Team Emord petition drive is in full swing. Across the Commonwealth, 160 volunteers trained in the gathering process by our Petition Director Ann Parker are collecting hundreds of signatures in as many as six venues simultaneously. It is an incredible sight to behold and proof that the Emord campaign has the most extensive grassroots support of any candidate for U.S. Senate. 

And Team Emord is everywhere! Join our volunteer force; become part of the movement to Save Virginia and Save America. Contact Ann Parker at

This past week, on January 15, Jonathan received an enthusiastic reception and strong support at the Bell Tower on the Capitol grounds, speaking to members and supporters of Virginia Medical Freedom Alliance. Endorsed by the 750,000 strong Stand for Health Freedom, Jonathan pledged to introduce legislation to ban all mask and vaccine mandates and to compel all federally funded hospitals, police departments, fire departments, and the military to rehire and re-enlist those forced out by the mandates, give them back pay, and the promotions otherwise due them. The speech received rave reviews and came on the one-year anniversary of his original announcement of his Emord for Senate exploration from that very same spot.

Virginia Medical Freedom Alliance

On January 16, Jonathan spoke before the Williamsburg Breakfast Club to an enthusiastically supportive reception. This is his third appearance before the Club and members know him well and like him well too.

On January 16, Jonathan spoke before the Newport News GOP. Once again, the support for Emord for Senate was incredible.

On January 17, Jonathan was interviewed by Joe Thomas of WCHV in Charlottesville. He discussed Kaine’s voting record of support for inflationary spending, open borders, and woke policies in the schools. Jonathan explained that Virginia and the nation must reverse course or face years more of ruin from the Biden/Kaine far left agenda.

On January 17, Jonathan spoke before the Yorktown Breakfast Club. Members asked questions and Jonathan delighted those in attendance with his characteristic direct and detailed responses, revealing the breadth of his understanding, experience, and legal and persuasive skills. Several mentioned to the Team that they could not wait for Jonathan to debate Kaine.

On January 17, Jonathan signed copies of his books and spoke to patrons at the Book Owl Bookstore in Portsmouth, Virginia. Members of the public were intrigued to learn of Jonathan’s agenda and many expressed strong support.

On January 18, Jonathan addressed the Newport Breakfast Club. Once again, members asked probing questions and enjoyed hearing Jonathan reveal not only clear mastery of a wide range of subjects but also detailed legislative solutions to the problems facing the nation. As in each location before, the support for Emord for Senate is very strong in Newport News.

On January 18, Jonathan was interviewed by Dr. Jason Dean on Brave TV. They discussed the disastrous open border policy and the union between Biden, Kaine, and globalists intent on destroying the American republic and replacing it with a totalitarian global government.

On January 18, Jonathan was interviewed on the Robert Scott Bell Show, as he is every Thursday. They discussed the pressing issues of the day.  

On January 18, Jonathan was interviewed by TNT Radio on its State of the Nation live broadcast. Jonathan explained in detail his agenda for saving Virginia and America and received the on air endorsements of the program’s two hosts.

On January 18, Jonathan spoke before the Gloucester County Republican Committee. Members repeatedly advised the campaign of their support for Emord for Senate as the sweep across Virginia continues.

On January 19, Jonathan was interviewed on Newsmax by host Rob Carson. Jonathan explained his position on the J-6ers, reiterating that only those for whom there is direct evidence of violence or property destruction should be prosecuted. The vast majority should be immediately released. He explained that he will introduce legislation to grant immediate release and amnesty to those wrongfully arrested and incarcerated. No one should be jailed, let alone placed in solitary confinement, whose only crime may have been trespass. That is an abuse of prosecutorial discretion and proof that Justice has been perverted to attack Democrats’ political opponents.

On January 20 and 21, Jonathan joined Team Emord at the Salem Gun Show, joining them in defending our 2nd Amendment rights. The Team interacted with hundreds of patrons and strong patriots. Jonathan will sponsor legislation to establish constitutional carry nationwide to end state and local efforts to deprive Americans of their right to keep and bear arms.


Our campaign to raise $50,000 by the January 31 deadline is underway. Donate what you can! Help get us past the finish line. Only days left. The clock is ticking.


Get to know Jonathan Emord

For the past 38 years, Jonathan Emord has litigated against the federal bureaucracy, winning repeatedly. He is a leading constitutional law and litigation expert and the author of five critically acclaimed books.

It’s time to end transitioning of youth; stop the assault on girls and women’s sports, locker rooms, and bathrooms; eliminate woke indoctrination in schools and the military; ensure equal justice under law; secure our borders; roll back excessive government spending and cut taxes; reduce the size and scope of the government; and liberate free enterprise.

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