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[Peninsula-Patriots] Medical Excise Tax


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I note that ALL of our Congressional representatives voted against the fiscal cliff bill.

Three are Republicans and one is a Democrat. I can't believe that they put ideology before the good of the people.

The Democrat always votes against a GOP bill. The Republicans stated that the bill didn't have enough cuts in spending.

No solutions were perfect. Bi-lateral compromise was obviously necessary. Instead of compromise, they chose the second best solution.

As in poker, the second best hand is a loser and we see what the second best in the race for the presidency amounts to.


I have to agree with Larry. we can't give much trust to or confidence in our present representatives.

If you track your cost of living from now on, you will see the hidden results of past legislation.

Obamacare, for one, is supported in part by increased taxes on small business having nothing to do with health care.

Remember, companies don't pay taxes, people do. Tax increases on companies have to be passed on the to the consumer or they go out of business.

The slow process of increased taxes on a myriad of items will gradually amount to a great deal and, as Larry says, it is a rare thing to ever discontinue a tax once it is enacted.


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A very good friend of mine (a dentist) informed me yesterday that he is raising his rates due to the new "Medical Excise Tax."  It doesn't take a mental giant to understand what this tax is all about, and where it came from.  However, what's more important is to understand how the average, middle-classed citizen will be affected by this.


For example, I have some family member's that want to "stick it to the big guy!!!  Make them pay!!!  I want free stuff from the government!!"  What they will find out now is that the "Medical Excise Tax" (MET) will cause their insurance rates to go up, in turn it will affect their premiums.  I am really starting to think that we should've read Obama's 2000+ page health bill, prior to signing it, just to see what's in it...


In short, this is only the beginning.  I've already seen examples of the MET on items other than healthcare expenses (be sure to look at your receipt).  The problem with new taxes is that once they are imposed, they generally will not go away.  It has the same quality and respect of some STD's.  Nothing good will come from them, and they will get worse as time (and our money) go by.


Prior to the vote on the last minute budget, I maintained "some" respect for the Republican Party.  Since the "cave-in"  I've lost all respect for both political parties and feel certain that their only purpose for being there is for re-election, and re-election only.  It appears that they have no loyalty to their constituents, no matter how many times we make that 202 (area code) call.  What we are viewing in Washington is exactly what Thomas Jefferson and the Democratic-Republicans were afraid of.  The reality is this, "it's here and it's not going away anytime soon."  We (the working, middle-class schmos that wanted to 'stick it to the man,'" will soon feel our wallets and purses losing more and more weight as this corrupt government gets in them and starts yanking out our hard-earned dollars. 


Now, what can we do to start fixing this?  I am curious as I feel this is going to get a lot worse before it gets better.  I would like to hear your thoughts.



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