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[Peninsula-Patriots] Obama phones - more than only a bribe?

OK Patriots - this is going to be a controversial posting. It was forwarded by one of our group with comments noted below.    Don't go yelling at me and get into a snit.  Read it, and more importantly the link at the bottom, for a disturbing consideration....only if you are so inclined.   If we are going to be objective, we need to approach this coming year from the realistic perspective of an investigative reporter.....look at everything and try to be objective.   We are in dangerous and uncharted territory as Americans and we don't know who to trust.  We need to examine everything with clear eyes and feet firmly planted in the direction of truth seeking.
God bless America.

I took this from a post on the Tea Party Patriots' FB page. It fits with a discussion we were having recently. If any of us qualify for one of the dastardly instruments, they should probably get it to keep us apprised of what's happening! These techniques have already been shown to be able to produce mini 'Flash' mobs here as well as effective groups of rioters in the Middle East...

Start here:

Only a total fool would deny that a revolution is brewing. The question now is who makes the first move? Obama hopes that it is him, in 2015 after passing more laws, regulations, and rulings against a docile population. If America sits idle that long hoping that the GOP will save them, Obama wins without a doubt, for by then he will have far more assault vehicles than we will be able to deal with. If armed Americans start making their presence felt before then Plan B and cell phones come into play.

I have no doubt that you recall the horrors of the disorganized L.A. riots. The police and firefighters were helpless, facing out of control savages. Lend no racial connotation to that remark, for race has nothing to do with it. Any group that behaves with such wanton viciousness are savages and deserve no more flattering connotation. 

Picture now, if you will, the magic of technology and a well organized riot. One simple push of one key and identical text messages are sent to every Obama Phone in a four block radius telling the recipients to loot the liquor store and the gun store at the corner of Walk and Don't Walk. Then imagine the same message, except with different corners designated, sent to every four block area across the nation at the same time. Thus we have organized pandemonium!

Everyone has been concerned about the prospects of Martial Law. One man sitting at a keyboard in Washington can trigger a cascade effect of riots that will ripple across this nation, via the Obama Phone. Naturally this outbreak of crime in our inner cities would give grounds to call for the disarming of the law abiding citizens living in the suburbs and rural districts, thus the need for the DHS assault vehicles pictured above, coming to a block near you.

Of course such provoked rage needs a trigger, which is easily arranged. One simple announcement that the GOP controlled house is demanding such cost cutting measures that this month's welfare benefits and Social Security disability checks are unavailable. Many such issues could fire that rage but it will only take one, and that is as good as any.

Such organized riots would be far worse than anything we saw in Los Angeles. Within hours everything would be stripped from the shelves of those who provide food, medicines, and the bare sustenance of life to the inner cities, and the buildings would be ablaze. Those whose homes are not burned in the firestorm would rest on their laurels for a few days enjoying the stolen liquor and food, until it runs out. Starvation and thirst will force the survivors outward, away from the destruction they have wrought, and civil war is under way, controlled and manipulated via the Obama Phone.

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