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[Peninsula-Patriots] Fwd: Common Core Curriculum

So patriots - what do you know about "Common Core" and the imposed education of our children?  This is coming in July 2013 and home schooling and private schools will not be exempt.  Pay attention as the White House shapes our future through our children.
This is a series of comments and info to read and study.  Start thinking how to help us get involved.

From our friend, Hector, who was fortunate enough to leave Communist Cuba:
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From: "Hector  
Date: March 17, 2013 7:03:38 PM EDT
To: "Hector 
Subject: FW: Common Core Curriculum

Communism and Dictatorship is being instituted in front of our noses. Those of us that already lived the horrors brought by falling in the trap (Cuba) can tell you that either we make a strong stand against it all or sooner than you think, there will be no going back.
We must all begin to show our disgust and disagreement out in the streets of our towns and cities. Let us get together with other friends, relatives, and others that believe in Democracy, Capitalism and the Constitution of this the Greatest Country in the World and with home made signs to tell the politicians on both sides that our country is being "FUNDAMENTALLY TRNASFORMED" into one more MEDIOCRE SOCIALIST FAILURE AND DICTATORSHIP OF THE MASSES and they are both guilty of this.
Forget the "Tea Party" label, when we went out on the streets in 2007, 2008 and 2009, we evoked the "Boston Tea Party" revolt against the Crown and the Exorbitant Taxes laid on the Working Citizens, we were not and are not a "Political Party", we were then as we are now, concerned citizens that have open our eyes to the bad government and this miss-Administration in Washington bent on establishing and pushing down our throats their Communists Ideology.
If we are to STOP this horrific plan of them, we MUST KEEP THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES AND TAKE THE SENATE while we are at it in 2014!  If you think Obama is done with his "CHANGE" think again, remember how they passed the over 2,500 pages of Obamacare without reading them? Imagine what Mr. Obama, Pelosi, Reed and the rest of their gang will do if they take over both Houses in 2014!ouses H
(from home)
Save our children, bring God back to our Schools!

From: Mimi
In the past week I have been learning about the new curriculum that is being implemented in Miami-Dade and around the nation.  The more I hear about it, the more I get worried and scared.  This is not just a change in curriculum, it is a complete change in thought, in policy.  Its indoctrination at its core.   I have attached some references.  Our kids will be taught that capitalism is bad.  I know, it sounds crazy..  But the more I read and see.. And the more I start getting validation from others…. the more I get profoundly worried.
There is a video in the truth in education website that explains all in more detail.
If you have children or grandchildren in school (any schools.. This will eventually be mandated in home schools and yes, even private schools.  There are some instances in the nation where Catholics schools have already implemented this curriculum).
I sent a letter to my school board member to see what he says about this curriculum… the letter is below… it gives an overview of my concerns.  I have also included a note below from a first grade teacher.  
As all of us know, our liberties and our way of life can be taken from us quickly.  HUGE red flags are popping up for me with this curriculum.  My parents came to this country (having means and a fruitful life in Cuba).  Because the politics changed, everything changed for them and eventually for me.  I have studied Cuban history and we (current USA policies and politics) are repeating much of it.  My parents came to this country and made a life for us… made a life for me and my sisters.  They struggled, they made sacrifices, but they made it.  They made a rich (and I don't mean monetary) life for themselves.  I am in the process of helping to shape my kids lives… building a future for my kids. I am hell bent on making sure they have a fruitful life.  ALL OUR KIDS FUTURES ARE AT RISK.  
I URGE YOU TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS… make up your own mind about this BUT learn about it….and please start passing this message, write notes to your representatives, etc…  if you are also scared.  We need to wake up fast, socialism is truly knocking on our door and it's starting with this movement… with our kids… and its already being implemented in the lower grades.  K-1.  I think it needs to be fully implemented by the 2016-2017 calendar year. 
Note below was an excerpt from a first grade teacher…
Wow...I just watched this.  We have already implemented common core in first grade (just reading and math), and I have found that it is not as comprehensive as the sunshine state standards we used to teach.  I can't even imagine what the Social Studies and History common core standards will look like.  It's definitely scary and sounds pretty unconstitutional to me.
Based on the bill HB 377 in congress.. It looks like it will take effect July 1, 2013… not sure how many bills there are related with this.. I am still doing research.  If there is anyone out there as passionate about this as I am???  Please let me know. 

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