Saturday, February 9, 2013

[Peninsula-Patriots] GUN legislation - Good news, but we must move NOW! Please SUPPORT SB 1335 Substitute!

We need action on item #1 below.  Read the entire email if you have time.

Please SUPPORT SB 1335 Substitute!    Click here to send a pre-written (but editable) email to your Delegate  (takes a few seconds to do):        **************************************************************  1.  Urgent Action Item:   Let's protect the private information on ALL CHP   holders!  **************************************************************    Great news!    Last night the Militia, Police and Public Safety subcommittee #1 approved a  substitute bill for Senator Obenshain's SB 1335.  As you might recall, SB  1335 prohibited the Clerk of Court from giving out any information on a CHP  holder who has a protective order out against somebody.    The substitute is much better - it exempts ALL permit holders from having  their information disseminated by the Circuit Court Clerks!  No more  newspapers printing the names and other information on permit holders,  endangering lives!    The new bill makes it even safer for those with protective orders, as they  don't have to do anything extra to protect their information - they (and you  and I) are all covered 24/7!    Even the Circuit Court Clerk's professional organization likes this bill.    I want to thank Board member Dennis O'Connor for filling in for me at the  subcommittee hearing (I was in Craig County with the shooting range issue).    This morning the full Militia, Police and Public Safety committee met and  passed the bill out to the Floor by an 11 to 4 vote.    (As a side note, Andrew Goddard told the full committee that what they did  in subcommittee to change the bill was "underhanded."  That did not go over  well, especially since the change was done openly and in the normal fashion  in subcommittee.  Goddard had decided not to attend last night's  subcommittee hearing.  That's his fault, not the subcommittee's fault.   Delegate Lingamfelter took Goddard to task, saying that the subcommittee was  simply doing business as usual and that Goddard's beef would be better  summed up as simply not liking the substitute bill.  Goddard finally gave  half an apology, but I believe even his allies on the committee were  embarrassed.)    NOW THE WORK BEGINS!    We need to get an email out urgently to our Delegates to make sure they  support this important bill!    Click here to send a pre-written (but editable) email to your Delegate  (takes a few seconds to do):      **************************************************************  2.  Video of rude treatment by the Craig County Board of Supervisors  chairwoman last night  **************************************************************    Here is the video from last night, when I tried to address the Craig County  Board of Supervisors, but the chairwoman, Millie Harrison, really didn't  want to hear from me or gun owners any further:    youtube video:    I received several emails from Craig County gun owners this morning asking  that VCDL not look on the chairwoman's rude behavior as any reflection on  them.  I assured them that no one in VCDL would do so.  The gun owners,  Forest Service Rangers, and Sheriff's officers that I met at that meeting  were all extremely nice and I was proud to have the opportunity represent  such fine Americans.        -------------------------------------------  ***************************************************************************  VA-ALERT is a project of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc.  (VCDL). VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization  dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to Keep  and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right.    VCDL web page: []  ***************************************************************************  IMPORTANT: It is our intention to honor all "remove" requests promptly.  To unsubscribe from this list, or change the email address where you receive  messages, please go to:  0e  [  20e]    Modify Your Subscription:  0e  Powered by Listbox:       

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