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[Peninsula-Patriots] Fw: Truth or Fiction? An important message

This comes from our friend Trudy in the Middlesex Tea Party. It is extremely important.
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I know many of you are wondering what's the use of being a delegate to the state GOP convention, May 18.  Some of you have advised me through emails and copies of emails sent around that you are "finished with the Republican Party". 
If I could accomplish one thing with this email it would be to convince you that YOUR VOTE AS A TEA PARTY MEMBER IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT at the May 18 convention.  As you may know, a candidate vetting process is underway with the VA Tea Party Federation and the MiddleResolution PAC joining forces to determine who are the most conservative candidates for the offices of Lt. Gov. and AG.  To my knowledge all candidates have agreed to participate in this rigorous vetting process which is a tribute to their sincerity at wanting to serve and a tribute to the Tea Party and MiddleResolution for being able to garner responses from all of them.  The final step in the candidate vetting will be April 26-27--with all Tea Parties having a vote in the selection.
All of us who are Tea Party delegates must pull together and vote at the state convention to support these selected individuals.  If you believe this doesn't matter, please read the following. 
A high-ranking RPV member has told a member of our Tea Party that Cuccinelli and Bolling held a meeting last week--rough going at the start, but eventually they buried the hatchet between them.  Outcome is that Bolling has agreed to run for Lt. Gov. and the two of them will run as a team. 
My thoughts and those of our Tea Party member:  Bolling certainly doesn't want to miss an eventual chance at being governor.  But the Republican Establishment knows that even with his name recognition, he cannot beat Cuccinelli and so Bolling pulls out of the race for gov.  Then Bolling floats running as an Independent and the Establishment quickly begins the effort to get the rooster back in the hen house.  Obviously with Bolling on the ballot he would split the vote enough to make it an easy win for the Dems.  What to do?  Send Bolling with an olive branch to Cuccinelli and the promise of $$$$$$ that the Establishment will bring to their campaign and advise Bolling that he's definitely The Candidate of Choice for governor next time around. 

If the above is true, it underscores that the Establishment is going to great lengths (as it always has) to protect their own.  From what I've been told Virginia's GOP has a "sore loser" provision in its rules that will not allow Bolling to run as an Independent candidate for Gov. if he loses this latest bid as Lt. Gov. ( If this isn't correct, tell me!) 
The above should convince you of the necessity that all of us who are Tea Party members/believers, sorta believers, irritated Republicans, former Republicans, wanna be Republicans (yeah, I'm kidding) and silent supporters must register to be delegates at the state GOP convention.  If we can't pull together and nominate a conservative candidate who will represent our conservative beliefs and values, then we may as well disband and forget it.  We deserve what's happening.


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