Friday, September 21, 2012

[Peninsula-Patriots] Campaign efforts/Activism group

As a result of the formation of a campaign activism group at the regular meeting last Monday, ten Peninsula Patriots met yesterday to plan activities to inspire, motivate & educate voters.  These activities were proposed and will be posted on our Meet-up site and Facebook page. Get involved when and where you can!

  • Romney signs are not yet available so hand-made signs are being made asap.
  • Empty chairs are being used to symbolize the lack of leadership in the Executive Office.
  • Prizes (gift certificates or cash) will be awarded to Pen Pats who have positive letters published before the election.
  • A demonstration protesting Obamacare is being planned for the Gloucester Courthouse at 11 AM on September 29
  • The Romney/Ryan ticket, not the Peninsula Patriot organization, will be promoted.
  • Members are encouraged to support other organizations in getting out the vote through personal and door-to-door contacts, telephone contacts, etc. (Bishop Jackson, American Family Assoc., Republican Party, Romney Victory Center, Richmond Tea Party, etc.)
  • links to the The Virginia Board of Elections will be presented on Pen Pat websites and Facebook page.

We need to remember to be factual, sincere, and respectful in all of these endeavors. Remember, we are trying to WIN converts! We are not fighting a WAR where we want to DESTROY some enemy! We need to seek out and develop allies in this mission!

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