Monday, April 23, 2012

[Peninsula-Patriots] Next Step

Patriots here is a message from Robert Shannon of the King & Queen Tea Party.

Yesterday Thomas Hurt with the Washington Times was interviewed regarding what impact the TEA Party would have on the upcoming elections. As a supporter of the TEA Party movement Mr. Hurt was not denigrating us when he referred to the movement as the "Rodney Dangerfield" of American politics. He was simply making the point that in spite of the polls showing the number that identify themselves as either members or supporters of the TEA Party the republican party establishment still does not show us much respect. The question for us then is what do we do about it ?
I have written of the need to develop an effective strategy to address this and slowly but surely more of you are coming around to recognizing the need to take the fight to the party establishment if we have any hope of capitalizing on our momentum and numbers. The more time we allow to pass the danger is we will have lost the very momentum that would currently lend to this approaches success.
Last week stories circulated of the frustration the Patriot movement has with many of the republican freshmen elected in 2010 ( with our support ) who signed on to support the debt ceiling increase a few months back. Some of these tepid freshmen argued they couldn't shut the government down, soldiers wouldn't be paid, citizens wouldn't get their Social Security checks, etc, etc..
First of all much of those supposed fears are not true. The government has adequate funds to continue basic operations paying top priority items such as military pay and social security, so that rational doesn't fly. I wonder what these same freshmen's response would be if someone were to ask them what are we going to do when another ratings downgrade of Treasuries occur ? What will we do when interest rates spike at the first whiff of an unsubscribed Treasury auction ? What will they do when the interest costs of servicing this growing debt swallows us ?
Crisis requires action. What we are getting instead is yet another example of feckless cowards who shudder at the thought of bucking party leadership, who's only interest is in retaining power, as if that alone is some sort of victory.
If republican party leadership knows there will be consequences more far reaching than a simple government shutdown they will act. Until then they kick the can down the road, at our national peril and we remain the "Rodney Dangerfield" that Thomas Hurt referred to yesterday.
Bob Shannon King William
DeWitt Edwards 
"DUTY to my God, Family and Country - HONOR to myself and others - RESPECT to all, who deserve it" 
A nation of sheep breeds a government of wolves. 

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