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[Peninsula-Patriots] An Important Message

So, I have been reading a lot of postings, blogs, comments and conversations in chat and one question that 
I see coming up more often than I like to see is "What is the Tea Party doing and what direction are we going"? Well, as we all know, the Tea Party is a Grassroots kind of thing and it will go where ever you take it.
YOU, me and every one that is here is part of the Grassroots. It has to be nourished and watered. You may be asking yourselves, "What does she mean by that?" Well, for a movement to work, just like a plant, it is going to take time, involvement - LOTS OF INVOLVEMENT and getting word out. 
Time - we haven't much time as we are looking at 2012 straight on in the face, if you will. We have THE MOST important election of our lives coming up in November and people do not know what to do. How much time do you spend locally in politics? Meeting with politicians on the local (your town, your county, heck even your state) level? I bet I know the answer - NONE. There ya go.
The Democrats/Liberal/Commie/Marxists have 'one upped' us as they have organized at every level and we on the Right (literally and figuratively) sit around and get mad, we 'sit and spin' and ponder "What the world are we gonna do?" or "We can't win with this person running or that person running" or some other kind of 'stuff'. All we (not really 'all we' but the majority of us) do is just sit and watch the process, we go vote and then if the vote doesn't go our way, what do we do? Complain.
Dee posted these comments in a discussion:
"what have YOU personally done to volunteer your time and efforts to mold the site in the direction you feel it should go?"
"what sweat equity are you willing to VOLUNTEER to the site?"
Those 2 comments got me to thinking…I wonder…How many members on this site have actually given time to a campaign? How many have gotten out and spoken at a Tea Party?
Talked to different candidates?
This site is what it is. It is a website and a group of like minded folks that have come together to share information. We not only want to share pertinent information with you, But we want YOU, our members to share information with us! What is going on in your States, your counties. What are you doing to make that difference, to change the direction of your state, your country? Share that we us….share with us what works. We share information with you for you to share with your Email chain, your Facebook friends (if you Facebook) and you can twitter all this as well, if you twitter.
For Myself and the Admin Staff here at Tea, we have all been involved in something other than volunteering on this site! WE are out in the trenches with boots on the ground. Our Creator - not God, but the founder of this site (as he likes to say) is out there promoting us and has come up with the '1 Million Households' Campaign. Have you checked it out? Have you shared it with friends and family? NO? Why not? It's easy as 1 - 2 - the link and get on it doggone it:
All that being said I would like to point out that we have on our site the incredible Lloyd Marcus who shares his writings with us. We will always share his works with you all. We also have another incredible patriot, Wild Bill for America, who has a knack, like Lloyd, for putting things into perspective, and shares his videos with us. We also share his work, but there are many others that do many things.
But back to my question: What are YOU doing? If you are not involved other than being a keyboard warrior, then what are you doing to change that? It's time for all to get involved. Are you a writer? A good speaker?
We all have something to contribute. And how we do it is to get involved in the process. Volunteer to work for a candidate, become a poll worker/watcher - you can do that at the local election board in your area. Get involved in politics at the local level. We have a lot of elections other than the Presidential elections. State House seats, Federal Senate and House seats….it's time to get off our duffs and put 'boots on the ground'
Thanks for your time,
Asst Natl Dir.
DeWitt Edwards 
"DUTY to my God, Family and Country - HONOR to myself and others - RESPECT to all, who deserve it" 
A nation of sheep breeds a government of wolves. 

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