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[Peninsula-Patriots] Fw: Patriot Alert! Here's the recon from the - OCCUPY TRAINING over the weekend!!!

Sue Long sends:

Subject: Patriot Alert! Here's the recon from the - OCCUPY TRAINING over the weekend!!!

Okay guys...this very well could happen to us
Hi Patriots,  Thanks to Victoria and Karen for this.
Patriots across the country attended occupy training workshops this weekend and here is just some of the recon we got from them! Note: they are going to try to infiltrate tea party groups to disrupt and create a confrontational situation. Do NOT engage them!!!
Sent: Sunday, April 15, 2012 6:48 PM
Subject: warning - occupy update
OK I have gotten an update on just what the occupy GOONS and PAWNS have been told in their training sessions all over the country – which took place this week! 
It is important that you know, but also that you advise your list, especially those tea party movements as they will be affected.
Each training center (there were hundreds of them all over the country, even in small rural communities) – had a trainer, and each trainer was sent DVDs, handouts, and the training manual.
While they do not outright suggest violence there are sufficient gray areas and vagueness in the training and messaging that these morons can be expected to do pretty much anything.
BUT, specifically they are being told to recruit and enlarge their numbers in their assigned respective areas; they are told to incite any opponents and to engage in confrontation, as well as to create gridlock.    And here please note – they have been specifically
instructed to go to any and all tea party gatherings, rallies etc., and to be confrontational, and create havoc and disruption.
I think it is safe to say that there are MANY people spread around the country who will decide they can't stand the whole business and will engage occupy groups, be confrontational, and there may well be violence.  It would not take much to push these jerks over that line,
if they don't go there on their own.  AND it would be a natural outgrowth of confrontation from the other side that violence ensues.
For tea party gatherings planned for the rest of this year – the word of the day is CAUTION.  Be wary, do not travel alone, avoid these fools as much as possible.
Above all it is important for EVERYONE to keep calm, keep their wits about them, remain cool and DO NOT ENGAGE ANY OCCUPY GROUP IN ANY CONFRONTATION BECAUSE THAT IS PRECISELY WHAT THEY WANT – THEY WILL BE GOADING
AND PUSHING FOR IT.  And when they get their wish, it then gives them an excuse to go over the top with violence.  There is NO good to come of any of this – and it is IMPORTANT to remember that they are well trained, well funded, extremely well organized and directed.  This is no longer the ragtag bunch of fools who are clueless about what they are there for – they are still ragtag but now they have marching orders and each group will have an even better trained leader(s). 
They should be back on the streets within a week or two and do not expect them to disband unless they are confronted by a strong police department and city leadership that refuses to allow them to camp out much less create havoc. 
This has all the earmarking's and potential to become a doorway to martial lawremember, the occupy movement has gone from semi-organic to fully supported and organized – and as I wrote before (and provided the links to prove this) – they are backed by the Communist and Socialist parties, UAW, SEIU, ACORN, myriad other communist/socialist organizations,, and of course, one of the key money people is George Soros.  This collection of 'sponsors' has no good intentions; moreover they are providing tents, food, water, sleeping bags, entertainment, drugs and more.  And they have insider's in key roles of leaders to incite and whip these people into a frenzy. 
When you see that in order to produce you
need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing;
when you see that money flows to those who deal, not in goods
but in favors; when you see that men get rich more easily by graft then by work,
and your laws no longer protect you against them,
but protect them against you.......
you may know that your society is doomed."
Ayn Rand - Atlas Shrugged

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