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We need as many Patriots as possible on deck   !!!!!!Can you go??? There is a LINK FOR  buses listed below.


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February 10, 2012

AFP Rally March 27th
Loophole May Cost Sick Workers Their Coverage
Where Does It Hurt? - Wrong Question

AFP Rally March 27th

Americans for Prosperity is having a rally across from the Russell Senate Office Building in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday March 27th at 1 p.m.  Bus rides from VA, MD, NC, PA, NY, NJ are available for $10-15.  Register at - – copy and paste   

Loophole May Cost Sick Workers Their Coverage

"Obamacare mandates that employers provide health insurance for their employees or pay a fine. With the increasing cost of health insurance, which Obamacare does nothing to assuage, employers will find it increasingly more expensive to cover employees. That, along with the other incentives in the law, will likely encourage employers to dump coverage or find other ways to avoid additional costs.

"Monahan and Schwarcz discuss one way this will occur. Since high-risk, unhealthy employees are more expensive to cover, they explain that the new health care law will incentivize employers to find ways to avoid insuring these individuals. The new federally imposed exchanges create a way out for employers to avoid covering high-risk workers while also avoiding the penalty by offering a level of coverage that is simply unattractive to those with higher-cost needs. In this way, employers could "game the system" by providing coverage that is attractive to low-risk, healthy employees but not to those with more costly needs.

"As Monahan and Schwarcz write that "employers will, for the first time, have both an incentive and the ability to design their plans to discourage enrollment by high-risk employees. By doing so, employers can benefit themselves and their employees while individual purchasers and the federal government suffer the consequences.""

Side Effects: Obamacare Encourages Employers to Drop Coverage for Sick Workers 

Kathryn Nix and Kevin Dayaratna 

February 8, 2012 at 10:30 am 

Where Does It Hurt? - Wrong Question

"Under the new health law, medical care will transition from what is appropriate for the individual patient to what is appropriate from government's perspective.  And the cost of care will be a significant factor, with government, not doctors and patients, ultimately deciding if a treatment is worthwhile.

"While comparative effectiveness research can be a valuable tool in helping doctors make good decisions, it also can be a dangerous tool in which government, not doctors, controls the medical care we will receive.  Since the government pays for an ever growing share of medical care, it inevitably will place a high priority on finding the lowest-cost treatment.   

"... clinical judgment of physicians will unquestionably be undermined by the health law. "

Supreme Court must consider Affordable Care Act's threat to doctor-patient relationships 

Nora Janjan and Grace-Marie Turner  Wednesday, February 8, 2012 

Obamacare will be a disaster in every possible way - cost, impact on patient care, incursions on liberty, etc.  The Alexandria Tea Party is enlisting the aid of all who are opposed to Obamacare to convey public opinion to the U.S. Supreme Court in anticipation of the Court's ruling on the constitutional issues expected this June.  We urge all like-minded individuals and media representatives to keep Obamacare in the public eye and to continually remind the Justices that a majority of the American people never wanted this disastrous law. Please forward to your media friends and other relevant contacts.

*  NEW: Americans for Prosperity across from Russell Senate Office Building Tuesday March 27th 1 p.m.; registration and buses at
*  Tea Party Patriots on the East Lawn of the Capitol Saturday March 24th noon - 2 p.m.
*  Tea Party Patriots on the Supreme Court steps Monday - Wednesday March 26th-28th

Why Obamacare is Unconstitutional
* new commentary added 2/9/12

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