Thursday, March 23, 2017

Wittman's voting record

Below is an exchange between Joe Schumacher, aide to Rob Wittman, and myself.

Sue Long
Freedom without authority is anarchy
Authority without freedom is tyranny
This is why we should have a republic

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When I was in school if I had brought home a C   on one test, and an F on another one, my parents would not have been overly happy . 

Sue Long
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The Heritage Action for American scorecard,

has Rob Wittman with a 82% score, the second highest in the Virginia Delegation.  That's a very good score. 





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...   I would suggest that Rep Wittman's voting record hasn't always been all that conservative.  His latest Freedom Index  score is 40%  

and previous ones average out at 65%.  These are based on adherence to the Constitution.


Sue Long
Freedom without authority is anarchy
Authority without freedom is tyranny
This is why we should have a republic


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Subject: Re: Subversive "Soros" Groups in District One



Apparently you have been misinformed. Rep Wittman hasn't met with any "Circle Up" groups in Mathews County.  Recently I went to a meeting at the Courthouse to defend Rep Wittman's conservative voting record and pro-Trump positions taken during last year's election. As you probably know, Rep Wittman served as a co-chair of the Donald Trump campaign in Virginia. I am aware that this Circle Up group in Mathews represent the % of progressive voters in the county that promote open borders, unfair trade deals, single payer health care and other garden-variety liberal/progressive policy goals. My purpose of going to the meeting was to defend Rob Wittman's conservative record. Moreover, I am pleased you are aware of these organizations because they are very fired up since the election last November. I am tracking all of the organizations in the 1st District.


I plan to come to the next Mathews GOP meeting on April.




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Dear Joe,


This message is about a group that has been formed in Mathews County.  I understand that Wittman attended one of their meetings proclaimed to be a town hall

meeting yet no one else was invited, giving a false impression of grass roots attitudes.


These people are well funded and very well organized. They will be effective on all levels.
All elections will be affected,  as well as federal agendas.


There are other such groups all over District One.



Put in an area code  and it will pop up. It appears that they are all under the same leadership but with different names.


This is our take on the one in Mathews County.


"There is a new "progressive" group in Mathews with a mission that is the polar opposite of ours.  Calling themselves CircleUp Middle Peninsula, their website is  You can read about them at  According to their website, they formed "in answer to a challenge to invite one another into our homes and become a supportive community group."  As we know, is linked to George Soros and BlackLivesMatter, as well as Obama's Organizing for Action (OFA).  These groups are dangerous and are responsible for the numerous, violent riots across the country, all funded by Soros' corporations and organizations."


We have our work cut out for us.  And, I would recommend that Wittman take a more noticeable conservative stand.   I can tell you that this has activated people and they are looking for a very conservative representative to run against Wittman .   If they find one, they will be be greatly  supported. 


I think that the dvd showing on April 11 is one that would interest you. See the attachment.  It has a lot of information about the people in D C and your attending would be helpful in overcoming the disappointment in Wittman's attending the Circle Up meeting and his poor  voting record. .


Hoping to see you on April 11.  


I am sincerely,


Sue Long 





  1. Memo to Sue Long:

    This may come as a shock to you, but: Rob Wittman represents EVERYONE on the First Congressional District, not just you rightwing assholes.

    If Wittman wants to meet with a group with whom you disagree, that's his business and it's his job.

    I realize you rightwingerdingers think the sun rises and sets on you, but you really do need to need to pull your head out of your ass and join reality.

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