Thursday, March 9, 2017

Notification: Gloucester Republican Mtg @ Thu Mar 9, 2017 7pm - 8pm (

Gloucester Republican Mtg

For full details, including the address, and to RSVP see:
Peninsula Patriots
Meets at the Colonial Courthouse in the circle.
Note time change to 7PM
Thu Mar 9, 2017 7pm – 8pm Eastern Time
Colonial Courthouse, Main St Circle, Gloucester, VA 23691 (map)
Admin - organizer

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    This is to notify everyone that the two remaining Tea Parties on the Northern Neck are officially defunct.

    The 99th District Tea Party and the Montross Tea Party have folded our tents and gone away. We disbursed the small amount of money left in our treasuries to local charities.

    We left intact the big yellow signs we erected along major highways in Northumberland and Westmoreland counties because we could not find volunteers to remove the signs.

    The Montross Tea Party Facebook page remains somewhat active, maintained by one diehard former member who will post information there from time to time.

  2. Another day, more Trump lies.

    Trump asks for $1.5 billion for the border wall. I thought Mexico was paying for the wall?

    As part of the preliminary budget that President Trump will release on Thursday, the administration will call for spending $1.5 billion on building a border wall this year, according to budget director Mike Mulvaney.

    Building an entire wall along the southern border will likely cost much more than that. Trump himself put the figure at $10 billion during his campaign, which is probably another underestimation. In a leaked internal report, the Department of Homeland Security estimated a wall would cost as much as $21.6 billion, while an external report prepared by investment research firm Bertstein Research put the price at $25 billion.

    But speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Mulvaney defended the $1.5 billion figure, saying, “That’s all that we think we can spend this year.”

    Trump’s budget release will also call for spending $2.6 billion on the wall next year.

    Mulvaney wouldn’t say how many miles of wall would actually get built with that funding. Instead, he said that the money “provides for a couple of different pilot cases” that will allow the administration to assess “different kinds of barriers in different kinds of places” to find the “most cost efficient, safest, most effective border protections.”

    But on the campaign trail, Trump promised that he would begin building the wall “on day one” and it would be completed within just two years. “We’ll start quickly,” he said in April of last year. “And it’ll be a real wall.”