Wednesday, September 4, 2013

[Peninsula-Patriots] We are being played like a fiddle

We are being played like a fiddle by globalist and it behoves us to recognize it. It has been going on undetected for a long time. It has now reached a point where it is more difficult to hide. The following was extracted by an article written by John Risselada.

The Project New American Century was a think tank developed under the Clinton Administration in 1997 for the purpose of refiguring America's strategic influence on the geopolitical environment. It was believed at this point that the so called "containment strategy" being employed against Saddam Hussein wasn't working and the war plans for Iraq, as well as Afghanistan, Libya, Lebanon, Syria, Somalia and Iran were all worked up at this time. The end goal is and always has been regime change in Iran. Syria has a defense pact with Iran, as well as the Soviet Union so any significant military action against Assad will likely draw in these two nations, as well. The document explaining the Project New American Century can be viewed here. It's funny how the Obama administration is beating the same war drums that George Bush beat a decade ago, and it goes virtually unnoticed by the anti-war left. The social engineers were brilliant in the fact that they had a so called republican administration carry out the more difficult task of conducting the ground wars against Iraq and Afghanistan. After a decade of war Americans were willing to elect anyone singing a different tune and to this day his supporters accept his actions without question. Barrack Obama is no different than any other president who follows the directives of the global elite in pursuit of dominance over the world's economic system. It should be noted that virtually all documentation concerning PNAC refers to "right wing" think tanks and republican politicians. There is no left or right in this country any more, just globalists who have mastered the art of distracting the public. This current march to war should sound the alarm bells for all Americans as it becomes apparent that we are being ruled by a one party system that has little interest in our opinions about their global agenda. With John Boehner's announcement that he will support a military strike against Syria is there any doubt that one will occur? It's going to happen as securing a permanent operating base from that strategic location is essential in order to continue our long term goal of regime change in Iran. If one has doubts about that claim just have a look at a map of the Mideast. All the countries we have been militarily involved in surround Iran, period. Read more:
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Dewitt Edwards 
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