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Dewitt Edwards 
Speak the truth even if your voice shakes.
"Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free, and be not entangled again in the yoke of bondage." (Galatians 5:1 KJV)

Thank you Elena for this email. I know that some of you have received this from her but since I don't know who has, I am sending it to everyone. I do so because it defines so well what has happened to our country over the last 100 years. It is long but well worth reading. If at any point you decide you have read enough, please go directly the final paragraph because of it's importance.

I have been convinced for some time that without God's help we will not succeed in saving America no matter how hard we try. And why should He help us when we have allowed secular humanism to destroy the things of value that made America exceptional? Throughout scripture God has shown Himself to be patient with those who have gone astray but His patience does not go on forever. He judges as well as blesses and we who are Christians need to be on our knees praying for His forgiveness and try as best we can to show others that His judgement is coming to America if we do not return to our Godly values. Thank you for allowing me to express these thoughts.
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Beware the ungodly
god-like leader.
When a Godly nation moves into godlessness, the inevitable end is an ungodly nation.
Vic Biorseth, Monday, September 02, 2013
Thoughts concerning the Christ-centered life, the easy slide into the godless life, and the easy continuing slide right on into the inevitable ungodly life. 
How on earth did we the people ever get to this ungodly state of affairs? 
The American Colonies were all born as Christian Colonies.  American Independence from England was Declared invoking God.  The USA was Constituted as a Christian nation.  Her national morality, providing the basis for her representative civil law, was unwaveringly Judao-Christian.   Her Congresses have always opened sessions with prayer.  
So how is it that now, today, - 
1.    Abortion is a "good" and opposing abortion is opposing "choice" as if the choice to abort someone were some sort of civil right.
2.    Active homosexuality is "good" and opposing homosexuality is opposing another civil right, and a symptom of a brand new politically-invented mental illness called homophobia.  
3.    Anti-white racism is a "good" and racist actions against whites are perfectly acceptable, while the slightest hint of any white not kowtowing to any black must be conjured into a racist crime of some sort.  
4.    Pornography rules not only the internet, but it is making strong inroads into broadcast TV and movies, and even public education.  
5.    Government can order a religious order to furnish contraception and even abortion coverage for their employees health insurance plans.  
6.    Government can use our tax dollars to fund abortions, contraception and welfare for unwed parenting.  
7.    Government can force heterosexual servicemen into close communal life with open homosexuals, in an obvious strike at unit cohesiveness and thus a weakening of American national defense.  
8.    Government can "bless" homosexual weddings and force society to recognize them.  
All of that is, of course, just the exposed tip of an enormous iceberg.  
How could a Godly government become a godless government, and then continue the decline and become an ungodly government? 
Through applied politics.  We are supposed to be represented by our elected representatives.  However, over time, the most succcessful our elected "representatives" have become more professional politicians than ordinary citizens from among the represented population.  The professional politician is more interested in the political contest than he is in the ideals and the ideology of true citizen representation.  That's the real problem. 
We have written and talked and argued and debated how to fix the national government and bring it back into compliance with the Constitution that formed it, and that is supposed to order it, direct it, control it and constrain it.  But, bottom line, we the people elected all these people who, despite their oaths of office, are not obeying the Constitution.  And we re-elected them.  Again, and again.  Elections have consequences.  Do we the people no longer recognize our own Constitution?  Do we simply have the government we deserve?  
Perhaps we should back up a bit, and consider we the people before we consider our elected representatives.  We, the American electorate, who have consistently, over at least a hundred years, loved and elected representatives and agendas and Parties who consistently over-rode or violated or ignored the very Constitution they all (falsely) solemnly swore to uphold in their oaths of office. 
How could a Godly people become a godless people, and then continue the decline and become an ungodly people? 
Well, for one thing, unless we join a religious community and abandon the world and worldly things for the spiritual life, we are "secular" men living in the world, and the world is ruled by Satan.  All it takes is a falling away from keeping Christ at the center of our lives.  It is very easy to do.  Particularly since the responsibility for education of children has been willingly surrendered to the un-Constitutionally created tax-payer funded public school system.  Now, families and Churches have a diminished role in teaching faith and morals.  Today's public schools openly opposeChristian faith and morals in their formal education.  They've done it for many, many generations now, and we are seeing the results. 
Faith and morals are supposed to be taught in the home, you say.  Well, when mom and dad, and grandma and granddad, were all educated through the public school system, what does that tell you?  It had its effect.  Each generation, the anti-Christian bias in formal public education is ratcheted up a notch.    Besides that, the fact that today more people are educated in pubic schools than parochial, private or home schools combined, means that a more godless social pressure affects the development of young people out in the larger society of people their own age, in neighbors, trends, fads, entertainment and so forth.  Godlessness is like a growing worm.  Each generation is noticeably more faithless and immoral.  It wasn't that way for our first hundred years. 
Perhaps we should back up a bit, and consider the American family that produces the children who grow up to become the increasingly wayward voting electorate.  We, the heads of families, who in our youth cursed the old-fashioned restrictions of the older generation, and who today shake our heads in wonder at the behavior of our own kids.  Are we even in control in our own houses any more?  
How could a Godly family become a godless family, and then continue the decline and become an ungodly family? 
Well, for one thing, most of the un-Constitutional tax-payer funded government social programs oppose the normative, nuclear family in one way or another. 
Promotion of artificial contraception through law, which was originally intended to reduce the number of human beings, had the (theoretically) unintended consequence of promoting illicit sex, and sex itself was and is the causative activity in the creation of human beings.  All forms of contraception have a failure rate; but, forget that.  Once illicit sex became merely an acceptable recreational activity, it became common to not use contraception any more.  Sex was no longer reserved for the married state.  Voila!  The death knell of the family. 
But government programs promote more than mere artificial contraception.  Abortion has now become just another means of contraception.  But single-woman motherhood is now extolled as some kind of virtue, unwed mothers are practically sainted, and all sorts of tax-payer funded programs exist to promote more and more single parent "families."  To oppose these programs is to be cruel to the "unfortunate."  Only a dirty rotten conservative would oppose any of the many government support programs for unwed motherhood, which has become an actual career option in some locals.  Have another illegitimate baby, get another raise. 
Government involvement in the legal promotion and protection of the homosexual movement is another anti-family attack strategy.  Elected representatives openly promote the legalization of homosexual marriage, which means a complete redefinition of marriage itself. They even promote homosexual adoption of children, so that adopted children can be raised up in a house under the evil specter of sodomy and perversion, and taught about its "naturalness" an its "normalcy" and its "moral goodness" and its "social acceptability."  (Not that there's anything wrong with it ... )  Don't get caught pointing out the sinfulness of sexual perversion, or of any form of illicit sex, or you might be charged with a hate crime.  It's now a legally protected and promoted activity, so it must be OK, right?   
Worst of all among the many programs aimed at the destruction of the normative family is the very idea that the young couple should carefully "plan" their children, if they decide to have any at all, because of the affordability problems of having and raising children.  Children are seen to be an expense.  That money could be better spent elsewhere.  Nobody today sees that this is a complete reversal from a hundred years ago.  All up until then, children were more than a physical and spiritual blessing; they were an actual retirement blessing.  The more children a couple had, the better they would be taken care of in their dotage.  Just as you and some of your siblings take care of mom and dad, and just as you and some of your cousins take care of old uncle Ned, some of your children could be counted on to one day take care of you. 
Children are no longer seen as an investment in the future.  They are less valued now than they were before.  And the feeling is mutual.  As soon as you start to drool a little, it will be off to the rest home with you.  What goes around comes around.  
Perhaps we should back up a bit, and consider the American citizen who produces the family that grows increasingly less Christ-centered and more godless, and even ungodly, over time.   
How could a Godly American citizen become a godless citizen, and then continue the decline and become an ungodly citizen?
Why is Christ not, or no longer, the central theme in our lives?  How did it come to be that the typical citizen day no longer begins and ends with prayer, that there is no prayer and no thought of God during the work day, that even serious religious obligations are overlooked or not even thought about.  Peer pressure?  Who are our peers?  Maybe we are in the wrong company these days. 
If we are less Godly than our grandparents, we need to stop and do an analysis of exactly why.  We need to look anew at exactly what is right, and what is wrong.  If we have gone off the rails, we need to find out how to get back to truth. 
If we live a Christ-centered life, everything else almost goes on auto-pilot and takes care of itself.  We automatically vote for the best candidates and the right issues.  We more appropriately discern the liars and the professional politicians and the clearly immoral issues, and we take the more appropriate political action for the betterment of the township, county, state and nation.  For our own sake, and for our children's sake. 
Deep immersion in lies, in our public education (which is actually indoctrination) and in our news (which is actually propaganda) is a major factor but not the only one.  Look how good America did in her first 150 or so years of history.  We were a good people.   Everybody recognized it immediately.  Christian goodness begins best early in life. 
Perhaps we should back up a bit, and consider the American youth who seeks the mate with whom to begin the American family.   
How could a Godly American youth devolve into a godless youth, and then continue the decline and become an ungodly youth?
The Courtship, to Dating, to Hooking-Up moral devolution.  Once upon a time just about all young people were just assumed to be very Christ-centered youngsters trying to develop into Godly adults.  Throughout American history (and all of history) there were always exceptions, but they were just that: exceptions.  Here, the Christ-centered life was the norm. 
Courtship meant the boy visiting the young lady with parental permission of both houses, at her house, in the presence of other family members.  It would involve rather formal and stiff, by today's standards, conversation, as they tried to get to know each other.  The whole, sole purpose of courtship was to explore the possibility of marriage; there was no other reason for courtship.  It was known by all right up front that both parties were interested in marriage.  It might involve gifts of candy, flowers and such as the boy could afford; it might involve music, either instrumental or vocal, perhaps poetry or other reading or recital, and just conversation.  Rarely if ever would they be completely alone, although they might be a short distance away from everyone at times, perhaps on the front porch. 
Dating was a radical change from courtship.  Because the "date" did not necessarily involve the presence or inclusion of any other family members, the temptation and opportunity for sin radically increased.  Dating, in and of itself, was a major movement away from the Christ-centered life.  It involved perhaps too much new freedom for young people not yet ready for that much freedom.  Marriage was not the sole reason for dating; eventually, marriage became the last thing thought about while dating.  A girl would date many boys; a boy would date many girls.  There came to be the "going steady" arrangement where they agreed to date only each other.  Going steady often became the worst sort of sexual temptation, very hard to resist. 
Hooking-Up is what all this devolved into.  Hooking-up, for college age and even younger children, involves finding partners on-line, through social media, for meaningless sex.  No emotional involvement; no attachments, no commitments, just sex.  It is what it is. 
I believe all of this came about because of a growing social obsession with sex, fed primarily by popular entertainment, with the movie industry in the lead, and strongly supported by the phony pseudo-science ofFreudianism
When I was a kid, middle school wasn't invented yet.  You went from grade school, which ended at 8th grade, straight to high school, which began at 9th grate.  Some of you might be surprised that I can remember that many years back, but I can.  That summer after 8th grade graduation was the last "normal" summer of sand-lot ball, fishing and boy scout stuff.  The new first high school year changed everything.  All those skinny little girls weren't skinny any more.  They had all becomebeautiful angels over the summer.  Completely different beings!  They were gorgeous
And there was all the new form of peer pressure, for both boys and girls, all of whom wanted to be going steady with someone, because it was the thing to do, and everyone wanted to be seen to be doing it, for the sake of increased popularity if nothing else.  Looking back at it from now it all seems funny, but it wasn't funny at the time.  It was serious. 
And it was all unnecessary. 
All the teen magazines and "advice for teens" was always trying to answer questions like "how far should we go" when making out.  The only appropriate answer was, and remains, to not go anywhere near it.  To not even hold hands.  But nobody wants to hear that these days. 
The loss of the Christ-centered life begins when you cannot pray together as a couple instead of making out.  When the places you go to are lover's lanes rather than benedictions or special devotions.  When you can't pray a rosary together you might not belong together in the first place. 
The key to living a Christ-centered life, for Catholics, involves immersement into sacrament, especially Eucharist, and regular, steady, life-long participation in religious life.  If your current potential life-partner is not of the requisite religious disposition for all of that, then drop the partner, not the religion.  Christ comes first, not last.  It may be a major mistake to do what has been called "missionary dating," which means to date someone with the intent of "saving them" by converting them to Christianity, or to proper Catholicism.  Your "date" should already be there, willingly.  Don't try it.  You will be falling in love with an imaginary partner, conjured up in your own mind, of what you hope this person might become.  Get someone real, who is already there.  Don't hit the singles bar scene - go to Church.  
Perhaps we should back up a bit, and consider the young American childwho becomes the youth who will must eventually decide on the most important directions of his life; whether holy orders, holy matrimony or life-long singleness.   
How could Godly American children devolve into godless children, and then continue the decline and become ungodly children?
Well, how ungodly have their parents become?  How ungodly have their teachers become?  How ungodly have their peers become? 
Today, once a boy receives his First Holy Communion, his Church is probably interested in training him to serve at the altar, if he is interested in serving.  Few are; fewer parents would encourage such a child; fewer still peer children would support it.  This, again, is another reversal of how it once was.  The Christ-centered life begins best when it begins young. 
Similarly, in the secular world of work, I believe that overall, child labor laws have done more to hurt children than to save them from any particular workshop dangers.  Many children today are damned to a life of mediocrity by being held back by nothing more than low expectations from their elders.  A child doesn't know all that he can do, because he is a child.  We learn by doing, and if he never does anything, he never really learns to do anything. 
What I mean by that is illustrated by the early lives of the Founders and the Framers, who were all home schooled or self-schooled children.  Aslittle children, they actually mastered such trades as silversmith, typesetter, printer, clerk, postal-service, and on and on, not to mention the normal activities of taking care of animals and farms with all that related work. 
If you don't give a child a task to do because you don't think he can do it, you are potentially damning him to mediocrity through low expectations of his abilities.  Ben Franklin was self-educated after the age of 10.  Look how he soared.  He was working while he was learning, and just look at his penmanship in his signature on the Declaration of Independence.  Even granting that they all signed with a great flourish that day, beginning with John Hancock, because they all knew they were signing their own death warrants, the penmanship of all of them was outstanding.  None of them had the supposed level of formal education that every one of us has had.  And, I would venture a guess, few if any of us could match the penmanship of any of them.  Or the life accomplishments. 
Is their superiority due to superior intelligence, or to getting started early doing things on their own?  I think the later.  In American Colonial life, everyone prospered by his own industry, and everyone was industrious, including children.  There was little time for mischief.  
Few adults today encourage or help younger children to put Christ at the center of their childhood limited attention, and keep Him there as much as possible.  If the adults don't do it themselves, it might be difficult for them to properly guide children in that direction.  But this is where it best begins. 
If you have young children, perhaps the return to Godliness might begin with you.  If they see you regularly on your knees before the Blessed Sacrament, it may become, for them, "the thing to do" on a regular basis.  If we turn our lives around, perhaps they will begin their lives more properly than we began ours. 
Look closely at your friends, and at your children's friends.  You will become your friends over time.  Your children will become their friends over time.  
He who walks with wise men becomes wise,
but the companion of fools will suffer harm. --Proverbs 13:20
Keep away from obstinate unrepentant sinners.  Keep your children away from their children.  Walk with people who walk with the Lord.  Like minded people support each other and give each other strength. 
Nothing is more important in the proper development of a young child than proper direction from a good set of parents, and a surrounding of decent like minded peers.  
A truly Godly people would never elect such an ungodly President as Comrade Obama, peace be upon him.  For much of the moron vote, he has taken on the aura of a god.  He can do no wrong.  He has his press behind him, and he has his teachers union behind him, and he has all sorts of sub-demons in his Democrat Party behind him, and he has sub-demons in the Republican Party behind him, and he has the whole world of entertainment in his hip pocket.  He is an evil man.  And we elected him.  
So, what have we become?  
If you want to control a population, keep them passive, keep beating them over the head and let them look somewhere else, one way to do it is to give them a god to worship. --Noam Chomsky
Chomsky was talking about President Reagan, in a gross misrepresentation of Reagan's memorial service, but he inadvertently revealed the liar's trick of fooling the population favored by Marxists and anarchists seeking the downfall of governments.  It applies very appropriately to the current President and his regime. 
What are we going to do about it? 
It has to begin with you, and with your child, and with God. 
He will hear you. 
Never forget that Lucifer was beautiful, and mesmerizing, and godlike, and yet he was ungodly. 
Vladimir Lenin: "Socialized Medicine is the Keystone to the Arch of the Socialist State."

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