Tuesday, September 10, 2013

[Peninsula-Patriots] The deception within

Don't let the so called Republican leaders deceive us again.

Breaking: Republican Leaders Planning To Propose A "Hocus Pocus Plan For Defunding ObamaCare"

       The deceptions never seem to end. Instead of defunding ObamaCare, Republican leaders are still working behind-the-scenes in an attempt to both fool the American people into believing that they oppose ObamaCare while they do everything in their power to ensure that ObamaCare becomes a permanent fixture on the American landscape. 

       Case in point... National Review is reporting that House Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor is now pushing a scheme that conservative critics are calling a"hocus pocus plan for defunding ObamaCare." And there is no better time than the present to call our elected officials on the carpet for their trickery

       Here's how the National Review report reads: "Under the Cantor plan, the House would vote on two measures, the CR and a resolution that amends the CR to defund ObamaCare. Both measures would be brought under a rule that allows the Senate to send just the clean CR to the president, but only after they first vote on whether to defund ObamaCare. If the Senate voted against defunding ObamaCare, they could then pass the clean CR." 

       In plain English, House Republican Leaders are proposing to push the Senate to take a token vote on defunding ObamaCare (which is doomed to fail), and then allow the Senate to immediately take another vote to fund ObamaCare. In doing so, they would ensure that ObamaCare is funded while maintaining the illusion to an unsuspecting public that Republicans don't want ObamaCare funded

       We're not fooled by this "hocus pocus" scheme and we need to make sure our so-called Republican leaders know that you are not fooled. Within the next 20 days, as its implementation progresses, ObamaCare may be so entrenched that it could become nearly impossible to defund and repeal. That's why we need to reinforce our message that the American people want it DEFUNDED NOW... PERIOD


The Trainwreck Is Coming.

       With each passing day, another ObamaCare shoe drops. With each passing day we are alerted that an ever-growing number of Americans will lose their coverage, lose their jobs, have their hours cut or have their health care options rationed: 

        TownHall reports that entire towns "in New Jersey plan to cut full time workers' hours to avoid offering them health insurance because of ObamaCare." 

        The same article also gives us an ominous foreshadowing of the health care rationing that is to come: "Meanwhile, patients in New Hampshire are seeing their hospital options slashed as a direct result of the new law: 'Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, the only insurer approved to offer policies on the health insurance exchange created under the Affordable Care Act, has narrowed to 14 the number of hospitals for the ACA plans that will be offered beginning Oct. 1.'" 

        Major employers like UPS, the University of Virginia and a number of local governments have just announced that they'll be dropping coverage for some spouses of their employees. They aren't the first, they won't be the last... and millions of people eventually will be forced into government-dictated exchanges. 

        IBM recently announced that it will be moving over 110,000 of its retirees off of its health care plan. Newsmax put the recent announcement in its proper perspective: "IBM's move is being seen by experts as an example of how large companies will move coverage from their own management..." 

       Make no mistake, once ObamaCare is fully implemented, your health care will drastically change for the worse… unless elected officials step up to the plate and keep their promise to DEFUND OBAMACARE NOW

 American Flag and Eagle

Dewitt Edwards 
Speak the truth even if your voice shakes.

"The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it."
                    George Orwell

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