Friday, June 14, 2013

[Peninsula-Patriots] IRS Protest - June 19th - Washington DC - Bus Reservations!

IRS Video

and next, the IRS will be in charge of our HEALTHCARE!


Please support the Tea Party Patriots IRS Protest on Wednesday, June 19th!


A bus can be available from various Middle Peninsula spots beginning at 7 AM on Wednesday, June 19th assuming there is sufficient interest and a decent weather forecast! We will be in Washington from around 11:30 AM until approximately 3 PM and will probably eat dinner on the bus on the way home, so you will want to pack your own vittles (lunch and dinner)! Everyone should be home by 7 PM! Reserve your seats at Meet-up or email with the words 'IRS Bus' in the subject. Give me your name, number of seats you need, telephone number, and email address.   I will correspond mainly by email as calling takes time. If you wish to be telephoned about the status of the bus, email jean casanave  or call her <with your telephone number (ten digits = area code + 3 digits + 4 digits)  and ask her to place you on the IRS BUS phone list!

By all means, pass this along to friends, neighbors and relatives!


More things to consider:

The Relationship between Obamacare and the IRS: 4 Frightening Connections

1. Obamacare gives unprecedented powers and authority to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) – the same agency that for three years was targeting and harassing conservative organizations.

2. Obamacare includes 47 major changes to the revenue code. According to the IRS Inspector General, these 47 changes "represent the largest set of tax law changes the IRS has had to implement in more than 20 years."

3. In order to implement all of these Obamacare tax rules, the IRS has requested funding for 1,954 new agents to begin in 2014.

4. Perhaps the most frightening aspect of Obamacare's expansion of the IRS is the fact that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the IRS are now working together to create a massive online database with personal
information. This database is the largest personal database the government has ever attempted. The database is called the Federal Data Services Hub and is a central portal where individuals' medical records, citizenship information, criminal records, and all of their tax information on file with the IRS will be collected.

The IRS must be reined in, not given more powers and authority. Obamacare is an unwieldy law that gives a dangerous amount of control and discretion to an agency that has already proven how untrustworthy it is.

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