Thursday, May 2, 2013

Re: My Campaign and the Muslim Brotherhood

Respectfully, I don't exactly understand your position.
I do understand that there is a law-abiding, voting, tax-paying Muslim population in northern Virginia and that many of them are Corey's constituents - to whom he has an obligation as an elected representative. Surely you can't expect him to ignore them. Corey is required to represent them even if he doesn't support their religion.
Our Middlesex TEA Party submitted a question on Sharia to the MR/VTPPF vetting committee, and, like you, we were disappointed that there were no questions asked on that subject last Friday and Saturday. But we agreed to play the game by the rules which we knew going into the process. (Did you expect the vetting process would produce a candidate all delegates would favor?) We are all aware that the VTPPF has always avoided social issues in favor of economic and constitutional issues. That's what happened here. We should not have been surprised.
In his own words, Corey has disavowed any support of the MB. We need to exercise some backbone, hang together (or surely we will hang separately) and honor our promise to vote for him on the 18th.

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Subject: Re: My Campaign and the Muslim Brotherhood
Date: Thu, 2 May 2013 10:34:34 -0400

Hi, Jim --
     I appreciate your point in favoring solidarity in the Lt. Gov. race, and I strongly support it.  However, as you know, there were no questions asked of the candidates re. Islam despite several of us having requested they be included in the vetting process.  We thought this odd and were disappointed.
    Should solid evidence turn up that David Ramadan is connected to the MB and Corey Stewart not renounce him (which, to Corey's credit, he said he will do should the connection be proven) there are many of us that will not support him, thus, unfortunately, breaking with the VTPPF.  We cannot support any candidate who is beholden to the Muslim Brotherhood.  I hope you can understand our position.

Best Regards,

On Thu, May 2, 2013 at 10:21 AM, Jim Alston <> wrote:
We need to support Corey.
I would be very disappointed in anyone who betrayed their commitment to the vetting that we and the VTPPF put so much time, money, and effort into these past few months. Corey did an excellent job of refuting the allegations against him in this letter. But even if some of us are not 100% satisfied with him, we gave our word that we would support the candidate who the majority selected in that vetting process. I am guessing that there will be more allegations to come out about Corey. But we need to keep in mind that our primary purpose in going to Mechanicsville last week was not to pick the best candidate - we went to Mechanicsville to create a coalition that would give some political clout to our numerous TEA Parties across the state. That will happen only if we stick together. We bring ridicule (rightly deserved) down on our TEA Parties when we break up our coalition as the first rumours begin to surface. It makes us look disorganized and undisciplined.
Jim Alston
Middlesex County

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Subject: Re: Your Campaign and the Muslim Brotherhood

Hi Ted,

First, I want to thank you for bringing this to my attention. As you probably know, I have been the subject of many anonymous attacks since receiving the support of the Tea Party Federation on Monday. Receiving that support has been the proudest moment of my time in politics, but it has also painted a bullseye on me. So, I appreciate your forthrightness and giving me an opportunity to address this. 

Now to your question. Delegate David Ramadan is a Republican and represents part of Prince William and Loudoun Counties. Since getting elected in 2011, David has represented us as a staunch conservative in the House of Delegates and was one of the brave members to vote against the transportation tax increase.  As a fellow conservative, and as the leader of a County that he partially represents, I of course support him.  He is also supported by former Attorney General, Ed Meese, and many other prominent conservatives.

That said, if the allegations that are laid out below are true, i would not only drop my support of him, but I would condemn him. If there is any evidence of the allegations, please send it to me.   I know that David was accused of these things when he was running for office. Politics can be dirty, and reputations can be easily and unjustly slurred, especially in the age of the internet. I would ask that you give David a chance to address these accusations with you. 

This is what I know about David.  David worships at Park Valley Church, a conservative evangelical Christian church in Gainesville.  I know his Pastor, Pastor Barry White, and have attended services there myself. I spoke to David a few moments ago, and he has publicly, and viciferously, condemned CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as any other radical or anti-American organization.  I also, of course, denounce those organizations. He wasn't very familiar with ISNA or their activities, but if they are acting similar to CAIR, he will condemn them too.  So, if you asking me to denounce David based on on unproven allegations.  The answer is No.  I will not denounce anyone based on things that are not only unproven, but contrary to what I know about the man.  If the allegations are proven true, then i would denounce him.  

David would greatly appreciate the opportunity to discuss this with directly.  He asked me to give you his telephone number if you are willing to talk.  He has been attacked repeatedly since running for office, and those attacks have not ceased since he got elected.  It has been very frustrating to him because most of those attacks have come anonymously.  Please feel free to call me at 703-283-2802 if you would like to discuss this further. 


On Wednesday, May 1, 2013, Ted Williams wrote:
Dear Mr. Stewart --
     It has come to my, and many others', attention that you are a longtime political supporter of, and are supported by, David Ramadan.  Either you are unaware, or, worse, approving, of his solid connections with organizations such as CAIR and ISNA, both firmly connected to, and funded by, the Muslim Brotherhood, a self-declared enemy of the United States.  Mr. Ramadan was also a strong supporter of the Ground Zero mosque.
     Although we heartily approve of your conservative record, unless you publicly renounce your support for David Ramadan and all Muslim Brotherhood affiliated groups, I and many others will be voting against you at the Convention.

Very Sincerely,
Ted Williams
Gloucester, VA

Corey Stewart
Chairman-At-Large, Board of Supervisors
Prince William County


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