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[Peninsula-Patriots] ACTION NEEDED Against ObamaCliff and Obama Debt Ceiling Dictatorship

PATRIOTS:   ACTION REQUIRED!!  We still have a voice and as much as "they" (RINOs & Demograts) would like to silence us, we will be heard if you participate.  If you are not willing to act and make phone calls at this critical time in our Country and when our children and grandchildren need you to be strong, then I suggest we are not the patriot group for you.

The  VTP Federation has given us all the information we need.  Please read below and act accordingly.  Thank you and God Bless America.

Virginia Tea Party Patriots


1. Call Speaker Boehner and your Congressman Frequently on the Budget/Debt Issues
Members of the Jefferson Area Tea Party visited Congressmen Hurt (VA-5) and Huelskamp (KS-1), and staffers of various Tea Party representatives on Friday, November 30th to ask, "What can the Tea Party do concerning the Boehner-Obama budget talks, fiscal cliff, and the Obama attempted debt-ceiling takeover?"  (Right now, the House of Representatives is scheduled to adjourn on Friday, December 14th.)

Recommendations for all Tea Party members:

1. Call Speaker Boehner's office frequently over the next two weeks. (202) 225-0600

2. Contact your Virginia congressman frequently over the next two weeks.

Rob Wittman: (202) 225-4261
Scott Rigell: (202) 225-4215
Randy Forbes: (202) 225-6365
Robert Hurt: (202) 225-4711
Bob Goodlatte: (202) 225-5431
Morgan Griffith: (202) 225-3861
Frank Wolf: (202) 225-5136

Robert (Bobby) Scott: (202) 225-8351
James Moran: (202) 225-4376
Gerald Connolly: (202) 225-1492

Tea Party Talking Points

A. Speaker Boehner and the Republican majority must not cave on Obama's demand for tax increases.  (Investor's Business Daily article link below demonstrates success of tax cuts.)

B. Demand genuine and substantive spending cuts from Obama, not phony spending cut promises that will never be implemented.

Background: President Ronald Reagan was offered such a deal (a 3-1 ratio of spending cuts to tax increases) in 1982, and it's the reason he reluctantly agreed to the largest tax increase of his presidency, the "Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982." The Democratic Congress then promptly proceeded to ignore the planned spending cuts. George H.W. Bush encountered the same trick in 1990. It cost him the presidency. The same idea was tossed out last summer — and smartly rejected by the GOP.

Read more:

C. Propose pro-growth tax reform that promotes private-sector economic and employment growth. (Lower corporate tax, repatriate overseas profits.)

Background: Strong economic growth (4% GDP growth) can generate significant tax revenues to help narrow the deficit, plus generate wealth that can be efficiently used for private charity, instead of government welfare expansion, disability-claims abuse, free ObamaPhones, and other handouts.

D. Demand eradication of burdensome regulations to help renew economic and employment growth. (EPA regs, Obamacare regs, taxes.)

E. Reject President Obama's demand to usurp Congressional debt-ceiling authority. The Constitution gives the House this authority.

In summary, we must have a new pro-growth tax policy, eradication of job-killing regulations, and strong economic and jobs growth to shrink the deficits and return our Constitutional Republic to liberty and prosperity.  Speaker Boehner must use his House majority to demand these actions, plus fight all efforts to raise the federal debt ceiling.  Conservative House members must honor their pledge not to raise taxes.

Please encourage your Tea Party members to call Speaker Boehner's office and your congressman's office frequently over the next two weeks and emphasize the Tea Party talking points.

The Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation Leadership Team

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