Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Relief for commuters on Route 7 and Waxpool!

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Traffic Relief for Commuters on Route 7 and Waxpool Road

Loudoun County is on the verge of fixing two of its biggest traffic problems: tie-ups on Waxpool Road and Route 7.

Senator Black has been working with Supervisor Shawn Williams, the Secretary of Transportation, the Commonwealth Transportation Board, and Manager Mike Smith of Kincora Development to obtain an $80 million bank loan from the Virginia Transportation Infrastructure Bank (VTIB).

If the loan application is approved at the CTB's June 8th meeting, that loan will fully fund completion of Gloucester Parkway and Pacific Boulevard in Loudoun County.

This project will shorten the commutes of more motorists in Loudoun County than any other transportation projects under consideration today.

The two principal east-west corridors in Loudoun County are Route 7 and Waxpool Road. These roads carry approximately 73,000 and 45,000 cars each day respectively. Both roads become congested during peak hours. Gloucester Parkway is a third east-west corridor which, like Route 7 and Waxpool Road, connects to the highly-effective Route 28 corridor which carries traffic north and south.

Since it runs midway between Route 7 and Waxpool, Gloucester's completion will relieve enormous congestion on both roads. For example, Waxpool alone carries 45,000 vehicles daily on a four to six lane road with capacity ranging form 40,000 to 60,000 vehicles per day. During peak hours, vehicles experience significant delay on this corridor. By 2030, the road will carry about 80,000 vehicles per day unless Gloucester Parkway and Pacific Boulevard are completed.

Much of Gloucester Parkway is already complete. However, there is a gap between Gloucester Parkway and Route 28 that must be finished. Once this is done, Gloucester, which runs between Route 7 to the north and Waxpool Road to the south, will draw traffic from both roads, relieving congestion on the entire road network. Once completed, Gloucester Parkway will have ample excess capacity to handle overflow from Route 7 and Waxpool Road.

Pacific Boulevard runs north and south, parallel to Route 28. Years ago, Senator Black introduced legislation that allowed construction of the Route 28 Freeway. At that time, our CTB member, Hobie Mitchel, along with Senator Black, committed to completing two access roads, Pacific on the west side and Atlantic on the east side. Those roads were to parallel the limited-access Route 28 Freeway to allow local traffic to flow freely without clogging the Greenway. This project will help to complete the original plan for Route 28.

With the help of VTIB, completion of these projects will be a transportation planner's dream. We have worked closely with Mr. Michael Scott of Kincora, the developer of this project, with members of the Board of Supervisors, and with other transportation officials, all of whom anticipate a major commercial boon to the state from improving traffic flow in this area.

Senator Black has strongly urged approval of Kincora's loan application. It is his hope that this project is completed for the sake of commuters in the 13th Senate District.


Chris Lore

Legislative Aide
13th District of Virginia

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