Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Hi Everyone
Sorry for being MIA but between elections, York County trying to take my property rights and the holidays I like many others, was overloaded.
Right now we have nothing planned for the month of December. I will be meeting with some folks that have"volunteered" to maybe help organize and give as a little kick into the new year. If you are interested in a committee of a core position, please let me know.
1,Below is a rally next week in In Richmond, Trying to support a fair debate from both Republican and Democrat! We don't want the Party Bosses to decide.
2. Is an invatation to a Christmas Party at Mike Pruntry's
                                                                                     Dec 7 Rally at the Capitol.  

Why come out for a Rally at the Capitol?


Since we have been forced into a primary (not a convention), we are again faced with challenging the "well-known establishment candidate".  It is the weapon the Ruling Class has successfully used to remain in power for years. Challengers to the establishment have the problem of getting themselves known to the general voting public that do not keep abreast of politics until just before elections – a fact that is both real and troubling.


How do we activists shake up the status quo and change the dynamics? By using the media (both friendly and unfriendly) to get an alternative message out to those who would normally not be paying attention. The Media Establishment knows this. That is why they have decided 6 months prior to the actual vote to restrict their debate to their establishment candidates. Make no mistake! They know what they are doing!! So we must use their tactics to fight back.


Our goal must be to make the every-day Joe and Joette take note and listen now before the die is cast by the Establishment. George Allen and the Media Establishment have both given us that opportunity. Let's capitalize on it. Blog, write news releases, pump up your groups with real facts and then join us in Richmond to show we are paying attention and that the establishment is not driving the bus.


We will make sure the Media will be covering our rally. How could they not? This sort of contention is just what they are looking for so we need a strong showing to let them know we mean business.

We have three issues to rally for:

1.     The AP deciding our candidates – both Republican and Democrat – let's let them know how we feel about that

2.     George Allen claiming he has Tea Party Patriot support with a misleading news release

3.     Assist the Richmond Tea Party in their struggle for "equal justice under the law" as they shine the light on the decision by Richmond Mayor D. C. Jones to audit them

If not now, when? If not us, who? Let's show the establishment that business as usual is no longer business as usual. You can make a difference. Keep up with any updates by visiting NING and for the latest news.


I hope to see many of you there on Pearl Harbor Day. Let's make this a day the establishment remembers for a long time.


Rick Buchanan

VTPP Events Chairman




I truly hope you all enjoyed a meaningful and fulfilling Thanksgiving! Now as we look forward to the blessed Christmas Season, I ask that you receive this invitation with the warmest regards from me to you, as this celebration is for the dedicated conservative activist working to restore our beloved nation. So if you are a leader or representative of such a group or organization, please pass this on to your membership and conservative friends. This is in appreciation for them. Thank you …

Mike Prunty


You Are Cordially Invited to the American Freedom Project's 2011

Fifth Anniversary Yorktown Colonial Christmas Party"

Hosted by Founder and President Michael P. Prunty

Along With

This Year's Gracious 'Special Guests:

Free Congress Foundation President: Governor James Gilmore

State Senator Elect Dick Black and Former Candidate Ben Loyola

Virginia Delegates Brenda Pogge, Bob Marshall, and Gordon Helsel

Former State Republican Party Chairman, Lt. Governor John Hager

Virginia Citizen's Defense League President Philip Van Cleave

Virginia Campaign for Liberty Executive Director Donna Holt

York County Supervisor Tom Shepperd

Newport News City Councilwomen Pat Woodbury and Madeline McMillan

York County-Poquoson Sheriff Danny Diggs

Tidewater Libertarian Party Chairman Robert Dean

Concerned Citizens of the Middle Peninsula Spokesperson Tricia Stall

We the People 1st Congressional District Coordinator Lynda Fairman


Request the honor and pleasure of your presence to celebrate the joy of the Holiday Season at the Old Port Cove Clubhouse in Yorktown on the evening of Saturday, December 10th, 2011 at 7:00pm. Admission is free. Voluntary donations welcomed. We ask you to bring a

new un-wrapped toy for the United States Marine Corps

"Toys for Tots"


Directions from Points West and South along Interstate 64:

Take I-64 exit 256-B in Newport News onto Victory Blvd. east toward Poquoson. Proceed to the seventh (7th) traffic light and turn left onto Calthrop Neck Road and go 1/2 mile. Turn right into Old Port Cove. Go to the first street on the right. The clubhouse is the first building on the right.

Directions from Points North above the York River:

Cross the Coleman Bridge across the York River at Gloucester Point southbound on Rt. 17 into York County and continue south to Victory Blvd. (WalMart will be on the right). Turn left and go to the 3rd light at Calthrop Neck Road. Then follow directions as above.


God Bless you all and I hope to see you soon!--
Mary Leedom

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