Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Meetup: Meet & Greet

Announcing a new Meetup!
Peninsula Patriots
Meet & Greet
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Thursday, October 20, 2011
9:00 AM
Brewed Awakenings
2056 Geo Wash Mem Hwy
Gloucester Point, VA 23072
Congressman Wittman will be visiting for a meet and greet at Tidemill Center, Brewed Awakenings on Thursday the 20th from 9-11AM.
Other candidates running for office have been invited. This may be the last chance to chat with them before November...
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7:00 PM
Public Hearing Gloucester BoS
Gloucester Colonial Courthouse
Main Street, Gloucester , VA 23072
Gloucester BoS will hold a public hearing on the proposed Glo Point/Hayes Area Development Plan; was recommended by the planning commission to be included in the comp plan. The plan will focus on corridors of Greate Rd, Hayes and Crewe Rds, as we...… MORE

6:30 PM
Mathews County Republican Committee Meeting
No location yet
We are working to elect Conservative Constitutional candidates. And we WILL succeed!

6:30 PM
Candidates for General Assembly (House of Delegates and Senate)
TC Walker Elementary School
6099 T. C. Walker Road, Gloucester , VA 23061
October 24th: Candidates for General Assembly (House of Delegates and Senate) Come on out!

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