Thursday, October 10, 2013

[Peninsula-Patriots] SAMPLE LETTERS FOR: Urgent! Help Defend E.W. From Attacks On His Christian Faith

Dear Patriots - In response to yesterday's email regarding the attacks on EW Jackson's Christian faith, here are some sample letters to help you write some of your own.   Please make them personal.   Take a minute to read Chris's email as we are approaching a new low in politics - I guess to be expected with Terry.

From Chris:

I'll reattach and I'm sure on of your army of volunteers can help. We have hit every major outlet (and I think all of the minor ones) with the original Christian email. If others want to take the information and reconfigure it….and blast them from different angles that would be fantastic. I am attaching a number of pre-done letters of a different vein and some links that chronicle the anti-Christian tone the media has taken in attacking E.W. that would help others do some different takes on the Christian attacks.
Be prepared because the negative T.V. ads on E.W. will be hitting very soon…people need to know these ads will take statements out of context. We will need a fresh batch of letters for that onslaught. I will have them to you soon so we can hit them back through this avenue.
If you read the book where the quote is taken from the birth defects story…it was in relation to the question of original sin and why bad things happen…But that would require someone from the RTD to understand basic Christian theology….and that doesn't seem to be the case (either willfully ignoring it or by their own ignorance) The last one covers the "shocking" story that in a sermon a Christian minister said Jesus was the only way to heaven.  Duh….the point can easily be made that every religion says they have the only way to heaven. But Jesus being the only way to the father is Christian theology 101 to anyone who spent more than 4 hours in a Christian church that actually preaches from the Bible.
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Sent: Wednesday, October 09, 2013 8:02 AM
Subject: Urgent! Help Defend E.W. From Attacks On His Christian Faith
Dear E.W. Jackson Supporters
You have indicated your willingness to help us with letters to the editors in support of E.W. Jackson. We really need your help now. E.W. the media and the Democrats have united to make E.W.'s Christian faith a campaign issue. This is not just an attack on E.W., it is an attack on every Bible believing Christian in Virginia.
They have twisted a simple statement about original sin into an attack on the disabled. They have mocked E.W. for a statement about praying for a resolution to the shutdown in Washington. His opponent said in both debates that there was no place in Virginia for someone who believes what E.W. believes.
Not only is it unconstitutional to hold someone's religious beliefs against them, this attack smears every Virginian who believes in traditional marriage and the right to life.
That is where you come in.  
We have a letter prepared that you can submit to your local paper and help us educate Christians about what is happening in this race.
I would love to have this letter campaign hit every paper in Virginia, but for that to happen, we need your help. So please respond to this email and let me know your ready and what papers you are willing to submit to...
Let's do this....we only have 27 days left and the time is now! 
Jackson For Lieutenant Governor

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