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[Peninsula-Patriots] Fw: OPEN LETTER TO THE PATRIOT MOVEMENT / List of Republicans That Don't Deserve Our Votes

 Thursday, August 29, 2013 6:49 PM
Subject: OPEN LETTER TO THE PATRIOT MOVEMENT / List of Republicans That Don't Deserve Our Votes

OPEN LETTER TO THE PATRIOT MOVEMENT from Robert Shannon is attached below:

Long  term  progress  of  the  Patriot  movement  is  in  serious  jeopardy.  It  stems  from  a  troubling  refusal  to  see  the  truth  explicitly  stated  by  none  other  than  John  Taylor  on  Tuesday  August  13th  at  the  Bull &  Bear  Club  in  downtown  Richmond.  ( John Taylor is president of Tertium Quids, president of the Virginia Institute for Public Policy and is one of the most influential political players in Virginia. )

"Adherence to men is often disloyalty to principles.  Republicans  won't  change  until  one  thing  clearly  happens,  they   must   know   we   will   not   vote   for   them." -  John Taylor

The  Patriot  movement  is  comprised  of  two  distinct  factions  that  are  fracturing.  One  side  continues  to  cling  to  the  misguided  notion  that  so  long  as  we  elect  someone  with  an  R  next  to  their  name  we  are  winning  ?  I  have  cited  numerous  times  in  the  past  the  hollow  lie  that  notion  contains.  Republicans  have  run  Virginia  for  the  last  4  years…….need  I  say  more.
  The  other  side  ( or  faction )  understands  very  clearly  what  must  be  done. John  Taylor  said  the  truth,  and  if  we  understand  and  accept  that, then  a  hard  line,  albeit  with  short  term  political  losses  must  be  endured  in order  to  further  the  bigger  goal.   Here  comes  the  "Bob,  this  election  is  too  important"  or  "  we  gotta  win"  (  win  just  what--another  6  billion  dollar  tax  increase ? )  and  last  but  not  least  my  personal  favorite  "Well Bob,  our  guy  isn't  as  bad  as  their  guy"   Winning isn't the goal.  Resolving the problems is the goal---we mustn't lose sight of that.
We  must  reform  the  republican  party,  and  the  soft  ball  approach  many  of  you  advocate, at  times  for  perhaps  your  own  self  serving  reasons  has  not  worked.  Smarten  up,  toughen  up,  or  step  out  of  the  way…please.
Bob Shannon

List of Republicans That Voted for the Largest Tax Increase in Virginia History –

The people listed below do not stand for the principles of the Republican Creed. They betrayed us and they don't deserve our votes. Every one of these names deserves to lose their seat.

House of Delegates:
Danny Marshall (14)
Dave Albo (42)
John Cosgrove (78)
Kirk Cox (66)
Mark Dudenhefer (2)
Jim Edmunds (60)
Tag Greason (32)
Chris Head (17)
Gordon Helsel (91)
Keith Hodges (98)
Sal Iaquinto (84)*
Riley Ingram (62)
Chris Jones (76)
Terry Kilgore (1)
Barry Knight (81)
Jim LeMunyon (67)
Manny Loupassi (68)
Joe May (33)
Randy Minchew (10)
Richard Morris (64)
John O'Bannon (73)
Bobby Orrock (54)
Charles Poindexter (9)
Bob Purkey (82)
Lacey Putney (I, declared R if running for re-election – 19)
Tom Rust (86), Ed Scott (30)
Beverly Sherwood (29)
Chris Stolle (83)
Ron Villanueva (21)
Michael Watson (93)
David Yancey (94)
Joseph Yost (12)
Speaker Howell (28)
State Senate:
Harry Blevins (14)
Bill Carrico (40)
Jeff McWaters (8)
Tommy Norment (3)
Frank Ruff (15)
Walter Stosch (12)
Frank Wagner (7)
John Watkins (10)

"Educate and inform the whole mass of the people. They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty."  - Thomas Jefferson                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

 American Flag and Eagle

Dewitt Edwards 
Speak the truth even if your voice shakes.
"Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free, and be not entangled again in the yoke of bondage." (Galatians 5:1 KJV)

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