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[Peninsula-Patriots] Fw: Monday August 26th Mark your Calendars Congressman Rob Wittman Stafford Office

This is an important message from Bob Shannon.
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                                       Too busy  isn't  a  reason, it is just an excuse .
  In February of this year a meeting took place in Tappahannock among leaders from the Patriot/TEA Party groups that make up the 1st Congressional District. The stated purpose was to form a 1st Congressional TEA Party Alliance. The goal was to speak with 1 voice, giving perhaps some clarity to the issues and the leverage we hoped to gain by doing so. It was held on a Saturday when each of us had any number of EXCUSES to not attend. Each of us there that day have jobs, families and other commitments ourselves. That said we met and a plan was formed starting with a series of meetings with various public officials to first see if we could be effective by delivering our concerns in the normal political process. That has born little fruit, as I expected.
  Elected officials today ,with few exceptions are beholden to either party establishments with their own agendas or by the donors who in essence finance their political ambitions so long as THEIR INTERESTS are advanced. Any politicians constituents are an after thought ,at best.   That must change.
  The Patriot movement has learned a few things after 4 years. One of the most valuable lessons has been in learning how to use the media effectively. Much of that credit must go to Robert Bruce, known affectionately as "Sarge" up here in the hinterlands. His "force multiplier" platform has been honed and we are using it with increasing effect and efficiency. That is where the PROTEST comes into the picture.
Couple the letters to the editor campaign with the road side TEA Party  signs, the press releases appearing regularly in the local newspapers, the Inserts and protests, and you begin to see a game plan fall into place. Add to all 4 of these measures the knowledge we have acquired of how to use the media effectively and you can see the game plan falling into place. That said it still takes numbers for these protests to do what they are intended to do.
  How many of you reading this have not been to a meeting in months, or years ?  Just what do you expect ? Do you think sitting around your house complaining is the answer ? Do you think you are contributing by putting a bumper sticker on your car ?  Are you comfortable allowing others to carry the load ?
   Glen Beck ( and I am not a Glen Beck fanatic) said a few weeks ago that the Patriot movement is so close to succeeding, so close to purging the republican party of the rino's ---he urged all of us to not quit now. You can see the evidence of our success at the local level, the turnover in elective offices the last election cycle---IT IS WORKING.
  It is time now to ratchet up the pressure on the state and congressional representatives.  Next Monday I am hoping you join us in the fight that all of us should be waging. Buses are being arranged to pick up at the Wal-Mart in Tappahannock or you can drive yourself. Congressman Wittman ,along with most other elected officials have been watching and hoping the Patriot movement just burns itself out. Will they get what they have long hoped for ?  Who ultimately depends on you !
Bob Shannon    

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