Saturday, July 28, 2012

[Peninsula-Patriots] An open letter to Mitt Romney

This was taken from "Patriot News". It is worth the read.

I am writing to voice the concerns of many good Americans today. You have some monumentally important choices coming up. The first of which is the decision on your Vice President, followed by further campaign direction, debate preparation and strategy. Please listen to the American people for time is running out. I am hoping you learned something from John McCain's abortion of a presidential run and will instead be a bold candidate who will actually make a stand. Our country is currently under attack by an anti-American Chicago thug who slithered into office under the premise of hope and change. Though he swore to uphold our laws and Constitution, the last three years of obamanation have been horrific for most of us as our Constitution has been trampled or ignored. Czars, tax-cheats, union goons, and other extreme leftists have been appointed to positions of power. Free enterprise and capitalism have been denigrated and maligned, causing astronomical misery for the working and unemployed alike. obama has bailed out unions and supporters while real workers suffer. We now have fewer individuals entering the workforce than those beginning to suckle on the teat of government welfare and disability programs. Our religion is under pressure from the White House and far-left cronies that spit on the Christian foundations established by the Founders. Our national sovereignty is eroded by our supposed Commander-in-Chief as he has reduced our weapon stockpiles drastically, all the while bowing (literally and figuratively) to leaders of foreign lands. This man whom you hope to replace (and better if the American dream is to survive) may as well have put a bullet in Border Patrol Brian Terry himself as he now covers up his administration's crimes. Related to this, our nation's boarders are nothing but lines on a map as border guard numbers are reduced and illegal aliens are allowed to invade our cities. These illegals even include multiple relatives of obama himself. Your opponent was raised by Communists and has no understanding of the American Dream, our nation's exceptional history or even basic economics. Indoctrinated into the teachings of Saul Alinski, he feels we have grown too big and must be cut down to size. At every step, he undercuts our foundations in order to destroy our country and rebuild as a socialist utopia. Obamacare was just the beginning. Our great land has an exponentially growing debt, ballooning more under this President than under the rest combined and it is an intentional effort to overburden the system based on the radical plans of the 1960s (read about the intentions of the founders of ACORN). While this man pushes progressivism, socialized medicine, abortions, and spreads our wealth, we cry out for leadership; not a smile and a handshake. You must be bold, Mr. Romney.

DeWitt Edwards 
 I believe there are more instances of the abridgement of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.
James Madison

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