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[Peninsula-Patriots] Committees and Fundraiser idea?


 We are compiling lists of members of the major committees we are again forming in Peninsula Patriots. Being 'on a Committee' means you will be informed of meetings and the outcomes of meetings. In other words, you will be put on a mailing list for that committee. How much you participate is up to you AND you do not have to be on a Committee to participate in an event the committee has. Each Committee will decide what kinds of activities they wish to engage in.  The Preparedness Committee may put on demonstrations, workshops, or even field trips.   The election committee may choose to only do email or telephone activities. Each committee will decide what is appropriate and plan its activities accordingly.  Many of you have already signed up for a committee at previous meetings.  Some of you may not have been in attendance when sign-up sheets were being passed around, so please let us know if you are interested in being included on any one or more of the committees. I am compiling lists so I do not want to leave anyone out who wishes to be a part of these activities! I have included names of those who are already signed up. If you want to serve on a committee and do not see your name, shoot me a message (email  asap! The current committees being formed are:

  • November Election Committee - Ruth Litschewski, leader (Ruth* , Sharon, David, Jean)

    We will use the book: Refounding America: A Field Manual for Patriot Activists. The 2nd
    American Revolution! A "how to" handbook for the Patriot. We will need to be committed and
    willing to work hard and long – would our Founders do less? We will be able to coordinate
    election projects with other counties and rally other TP patriots when needed for specific
    projects (which we will create). Our VOICES need to be heard again. We will make a
    difference in this election IF patriots participate.

  • Save Our Children Committee - Marilyn Rainville, leader (Marilyn*, Andy, Peter, Sharon, Sue, Jonnie, David)

    Taking our children back!! One method the Muslim Brotherhood is using to infiltrate our society
    is to re-write the description of Islam in the VA text books. Our children are being duped. It is
    the same with re-writing our history and generally dumbing down our kids. Our children are
    our future - the reason why we need to work so long and hard. Engaging & challenging school
    boards and attending meetings at ALL levels are critical. Eleven students in Mathews have
    attempted suicide since September 2011 – at least one successfully. What is happening in
    the school system? We must reclaim our children - time has run out.
  • Prepare to Survive! Committee - Tom Robinson, leader (Tom*, Tricia, Cheryle, David, Dave, Jamie, Elena, Sue, Bob, Ray, Bill, June, Fulton, Calvin, Jean, David)

    In case of a national emergency/disaster, local authorities may not be there to rescue you and
    your family. You are on your own – a condition officially termed "SHELTER-IN-PLACE."
    Improve your and your family's chances of survival by learning the basics and preparing for any
    emergency/disaster that will come.
  • ? (We need your suggestion here!)

LAST, funds have dwindled!  Sue Sherrill has suggested that if we could get a few people who are available the last weekend or two in June, we could have a 'yard sale' at Queen's Creek Flea Market (formerly Queen's Creek Outfitters) across from Cornerstone Fellowship Church or Get N Zip on Rt 198 in Cobbs Creek.  Please let her know if you are available June 21, 22, or 23! Assuming she is successful in getting 'sellers' to attend the sale,  we will ask you to look for items you are willing to part with!   If we find a few people who can help, she will get back to everyone with more details.

Thank you, Ruth

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