Friday, June 15, 2012

LinkedIn Network Updates, 6/16/2012

Network Updates, Jun 9 - Jun 16
Featured Updates
Best Kept Secret Stop The Violence has an updated profile (Expertise, Education)
Thomas Prigg has added publications: How zombism already happened, Still doing my best to protect my fellow soldiers, Bringing it all together our exhaustive research into honeybee colony collapse
Melody Kinser has an updated profile (Headline)
Susan Johnson has an updated current title: Owner at WKH Solutions- building SMART solutions for your business
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Dorothy Bayford has an updated current title: Chairman at Gloucester County Republican Party
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Marlon-David Sias GovTech iEHR testing environment to launch by Sept. 30, reveals VA-DoD timeline
Ralph Carter Primaries are today. Vote RADTKE for Senate for conservative representation.
Marlon-David Sias GovTech SASC calls for DoD to develop network flow data analysis capability
Daniel Curran We need reporters and salespeople!!
Debra J. Frank 16 Top Twitter Chats for Social Media and PR Professionals
16 Top Twitter Chats for Social Media and PR Professionals
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