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NO worries, bro! I gave you the “benefit of the doubt” about coming. I had the name tags for you and Melissa left in my stack from last year of those who didn’t show up, so I went ahead and put them in the RSVP stack for this year.


I’m sorry about your financial struggles. There are many of us out here sharing that stress with you.


Thank you for helping plug the party. I’ve seen the postings. It has been running a few other places as well, including the Virginia Red State Blog. WOW! I don’t even know who put it there.


You never know what turnout will be until they show up, but the RSVPs are up to the 150 neighborhood at the moment, and are still trickling in. There is always a certain percent show up without an RSVP out of nowhere. Some who RSVP’d by themselves end up bringing others with them unannounced. Some who RSVP don’t show up. We could be looking at anywhere between 150 and 250… maybe more? Who knows? We’ll have a good crowd no matter what.


I’m glad you guys can make it. If you want to help, I could use a hand with the pack up and load out at the end of the night. I have to then transport all the stuff back to my house and load it into my garage. This is among the wonderful things that happen when it gets so big you can’t have it in your house anymore. I may invite those who help me at the end of the night to comer in my house for a nightcap. Delegate Bob Marshall and Senator-elect Dick Black (and wives) will be spending the night here.



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Sent: Tuesday, December 06, 2011 10:51 PM
To: Mike Prunty


Sorry Mike for not writing back sooner. I would like to RSVP for Melissa and myself.  I've been so busy lately that I didn't even realize that I didn't RSVP yet.  I have been helping to get the word out for you though, it's on the calendar and all over the site.  Get a lot of responses?  Sounds like it will be a big one.  I'm poorer than usual this year but let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.


Robert Bruce Alexander, 


On Sat, Dec 3, 2011 at 12:41 PM, Mike Prunty <> wrote:

Hello Conservative Friends,


You have been receiving the invitation to this year’s special “FIFTH ANNIVERSARY YORKTOWN COLONIAL CHRISTMAS PARTY” each weekend since Halloween. You should now be ecstatic to learn this will be the last notice for this year’s event. So this is LAST CALL!


If you are a conservative activist who still loves your country and fights for our founding principles throughout the year, this event is in honor of and in appreciation for you! Whether you be an independent Constitutional warrior or you belong to an organization, this is an opportunity to come together with others who engage in our common battles with you to meet, discover each other, make new friends and allies, and most of all, relax and have a nice time. There should be plenty of those here you already know, but the real opportunity is with all those great conservative patriots waiting to meet you and become your new friends!


THE AMERICAN FREEDOM PROJECT is not about advocating for any particular political issue. That’s your job. The AFP does not promote itself, but it is out there with you all the way. What we are about is supporting and facilitating the grassroots conservative movement itself … supporting all the existing conservative groups, organizations and even individuals across Virginia work both independently at what they do, and also come and work together whenever possible. We are your cheerleaders … your booster club!


So if you have not yet sent in your RSVP, then do so NOW and mark your calendar for next Saturday night for a visit with your friends and allies here in Yorktown! If you have already sent in your RSVP, then do not bother doing it again. Lastly, I don’t have contact info for all who should be invited. So if you have a conservative, patriot friend who hasn’t gotten an invitation, please extend it to them and bring him/her with you!


This “fifth anniversary” is a big mile marker for us, and we’re really proud of it … and very proud of you! See you then!


Mike Prunty …


You Are Cordially Invited to the American Freedom Project’s 2011

Fifth Anniversary Yorktown Colonial Christmas Party”

Hosted by Founder and President Michael P. Prunty

Along With

This Year’s Gracious ‘Special Guests:

Free Congress Foundation President: Governor James Gilmore

State Senator Elect Dick Black and Former Candidate Ben Loyola

Virginia Delegates Brenda Pogge, Bob Marshall, and Gordon Helsel

Former State Republican Party Chairman, Lt. Governor John Hager

Virginia Citizen’s Defense League President Philip Van Cleave

Virginia Campaign for Liberty Executive Director Donna Holt

York County Supervisor Tom Shepperd

Newport News City Councilwomen Pat Woodbury and Madeline McMillan

York County-Poquoson Sheriff Danny Diggs

Tidewater Libertarian Party Chairman Robert Dean

Concerned Citizens of the Middle Peninsula Spokesperson Tricia Stall

We the People 1st Congressional District Coordinator Lynda Fairman

Request the honor and pleasure of your presence to celebrate the joy of the Holiday Season at the Old Port Cove Clubhouse in Yorktown on the evening of Saturday, December 10th, 2011 at 7:00pm. Admission is free. Voluntary donations welcomed. We ask you to bring a new un-wrapped toy for the United States Marine Corps

Toys for Tots

Directions from Points West and South along Interstate 64:

Take I-64 exit 256-B in Newport News onto Victory Blvd. east toward Poquoson. Proceed to the seventh (7th) traffic light and turn left onto Calthrop Neck Road and go 1/2 mile. Turn right into Old Port Cove. Go to the first street on the right. The clubhouse is the first building on the right.

Directions from Points North above the York River:

Cross the Coleman Bridge across the York River at Gloucester Point southbound on Rt. 17 into York County and continue south to Victory Blvd. (WalMart will be on the right). Turn left and go to the 3rd light at Calthrop Neck Road. Then follow directions as above.

RSVP via email to:, Mike Prunty: 757-329-6879



Alexander of York

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