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[Peninsula-Patriots] Fw: Coincidence

You may remember that Catherine ran against Rob Wittman in the last Republican primary. She is a Constitutional Conservative and I supported her. Here is what she has to say about the Defense Authorization Act which authorized the US Military to arrest and detain American citizens in the USA. 

If we fail to act against what we know is wrong, we are complicit with that wrong.

DeWitt Edwards

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Frankly I am perplexed at the lack of suspicion and alarm. No one seems to ask the question, "Since when do we have a problem with Al Qaeda sympathizers on American soil?" So much so that we MUST destroy our Constitution! When ANY AMERICAN loses their Constitutional protections, WE ALL DO.
For those who argue that some of the most terrifying amendments were removed, I say, WHAT IN THE HELL WERE THEY THINKING BY CONSIDERING THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE!? This Bill is going through a reconciliation period between the House and Senate at this time with a vote planned by the 16th, according to Rand Paul's office. The amendments that were dropped could most certainly be resurrected and WORSE. The fact that such language was considered in the first place should expose their true intentions.
Anyone who thinks that turning the military loose on American soil against Americans with nothing more than a "suspicion" is a good idea is woefully ignorant, naive, or just plain stupid. The Nazis incentivized neighbors turning in Jews by offering them the property of the Jews they turned in! WE are the greatest threat to tyrants and tyranny as Law Abiding, God fearing, Constitution loving Americans.
I am not trying to be evasive concerning the specifics of how this applies to the Average citizen other than what I have already submitted. Bill Kling responded with these examples of Bills that were addressed to specific targets then were perverted/extrapolated out to other victims all together:
Abuses of laws?
Example: The White-Slave Traffic Act of 1910 (Mann Act) was passed to crack down on prostitution.  It's been used, however, to prosecute men who cross state lines for motel trysts with their girlfriends.
Example: The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act of 1970 (RICO Act) was passed to crack down on the Mafia and other criminal combines.  It's been used, however, to sue pro-life activists.
Illegitimi non carborundum.
Additionally, here is an article posted by Forbes
The attachment "Government Horror" I think is very well written. That's all I have to offer. Thank you for spreading the word. I'm sorry I cannot offer a better articulation,
Catherine Crabill

Silence in the face of evil is evil itself.
God will not hold us guiltless.
Not to speak is to speak.
Not to act is to act.
Dietrich Bonhoeffer was hung two days before the end of WWII for resisting Hitler's Third Reich.

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.
George Orwell

 No Enemies?

You have no enemies, you say?
Alas, my friend, the boast is poor;
He who has mingled in the fray
Of duty, that the brave endure,
Must have made foes! If you have none,
Small is the work that you have done.
You've hit no traitor on the hip,
You've dashed no cup from perjured lip,
You've never turned the wrong to right,
You've been a coward in the fight.

                ~ Charles MacKay (1814-1889)
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