Sunday, April 29, 2018

Tea Party Reunion Monday, May 14 @ 6 PM in Middlesex ~ Join Us!


Middle Peninsula Tea Partiers, Conservatives, Republicans & supporters ~ 

What better day to consider how best to thwart the dark forces that threaten America?

 Come REUNITE with other 'Right-Thinking' patriots to 

  ➢ Rekindle old acquaintances

➢ Join together for a simple meal

➢ Hear from our former Tea Party leaders and others

➢ Get inspired and energized to help 'Make the Miracle!'

Who: All Lovers of Liberty! (Patriots, friends, family, neighbors!)

WhenMonday, May 14, 6 - 8 PM

Where: Middlesex Shooting Sports Club (1860 Twiggs Ferry Rd, Hartfield, VA 23071)

        * FREE * * FREE * * FREE * * FREE * * FREE * 

 *We NEED to know how many are coming so PLEASE 'reply' to this message with the approximate number of those coming by May 6 if possible.

Thank you! Looking forward to seeing everyone! (AND please pass this along to interested friends who may have been overlooked!) 

Sue Sherrill (+Tom Robinson, Dorothy Bayford, Ruth Litchewski & others!)


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