Thursday, May 5, 2016

Reclaim your voice! Join the Effort TODAY!

Friends - 

As a follow-up to Tuesday's meeting about the bathroom issue facing the Gloucester schools and the rest of the nation: 

If you oppose changing the 1972 Title IX law which mandated that women should have access to the same quality of facilities as men in schools  (bathrooms, locker rooms, showers and such),  to apply, NOT to biological females, but to anyone who 'identifies' as a female (or male)  regardless of their anatomy or chromosomes, here are some things you can do:

  • JOIN the ADF 'AMICUS BRIEF'. The Gloucester School Board is appealing the court's latest decision next week. Show your support for them by signing on to an 'amicus brief' being submitted by the Alliance Defending Freedom.  It will include a list of names of people who support the school board's assertion that what they have proposed is a fair solution to all.  Just send your name(s) and address (even if you don't live in Gloucester County), phone and email address to the ADF attorney Matt Sharp at  If you have children in the school system, you are authorizing to be included, only give their initials (not their names) to be included with yours on the list.  Ask your friends, relatives, neighbors, Sunday school classes, etc to do the same, like this: 
Sample (send to Copy and Paste if you wish: 

(Subject line:) G.G. v Gloucester County School Board Amicus Brief
 We want to join the Amicus Brief in the case of G.G. v Gloucester County School Board. You have my permission to use my name and/or my children's initials as supporters listed in the brief:
John Doe
Mary Doe
S. D. (minor's age)
B. D. (minor's age) 
101 Safe Street
Hometown, VA _zip_ 

  • Speak out about protecting the privacy of our children. We are being trained to stay quiet on 'controversial' subjects.  Normalcy is not hateful and don't let anyone tell you otherwise! There are natural inclinations that make it desirable to have separate facilities for boys and girls that have been recognized for ages. Share your beliefs whenever and wherever you can. 

  • Request your church get involved if you attend a church whose pastor did not attend the informational meeting last Tuesday at the Union Baptist Church in Hayes. Morality and normalcy are under attack. Churches need to take a stand!
If you have not been following the 'bathroom' issue in Gloucester or want more information, see

If you are unaware of the liberal left's desire to blur the notion of 'men' and 'women', 'boys' and 'girls'  I can assure you that many of the nation's education associations and teachers' unions are pushing an agenda of, not just accepting, but actually promoting LGBTQ lifestyles and perversion.  I hope it isn't happening in our schools, but be VIGILANT!  Hopefully the SILENT MAJORITY will be heard! 

 Thank you!
   Sue Sherrill
 Middle Peninsula Tea Party

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