Friday, December 11, 2015


Robert --

You can help us fight against the ACLU’s plot to force our children to be exposed to kids of the opposite sex in school locker rooms and restrooms.

Generous donors have contributed $120,000 to our effort to protect our kids and advance our principles – but we need to match that $120,000 by December 31st!  This means that your donation today of $100, $250, $500 or $1,000 will be doubled!

Recently, the Albemarle County School Board voted, like Fairfax before it, to allow children in public schools to use the bathroom of the opposite sex depending on whichever “gender” they claim to be.  

Earlier this year, The Family Foundation and our friends at Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) began working with school boards in Virginia – like Stafford and Gloucester County – to adopt policies that protect the privacy rights of all students while accommodating those struggling with sexual identity issues. 

We educated school board members. We mobilized grassroots. We informed pastors. And those counties adopted common sense policies.

But the radical secular left did what it always does when it loses at the ballot box, at the school board, or in the legislature – it sued!

The ACLU in fact sued Gloucester County School Board over its policy. A federal judge rejected the ACLU’s argument, but then the ACLU appealed to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Will you stand with us against the ACLU and tell them NO to endangering our children?  Will you enable my team to be equipped to fight this battle with a contribution today that will be doubled?

These efforts are costly. We cannot match the enormous bank account of the ACLU and other secular left organizations. But fight we must, and we need your help today!

Help us meet our goal of raising $120,000 by December 31st! We need your contribution of $100, $200, $500, $1,000 or maybe even $5,000 to ensure that this attack on our children is halted once and for all.

In response to the ACLU, we’ve filed a “friend of the court” brief with the Fourth Circuit, written by our friends at ADF, arguing on behalf of Gloucester County’s reasonable policy and our kids.  

We’re fighting for our children, school board by school board. We’re fighting for our kids by working with ADF in the courts. We will be fighting for our kids during the 2016 General Assembly session by supporting legislation protects their privacy rights!

Stand with us as we stand for our children. Donate now >>

For Families and For Virginia,

Victoria Cobb

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