Thursday, January 22, 2015

Help PROMOTE: Winning Elections! training?

Robert, I wonder if I could count on you to promote a training event we are planning to your Tea Party , Republican, and  other conservative friends. The location has not been determined - but most likely it will be Gloucester, which is pretty convenient for folks in York County.  The cost has also not been determined but we are hoping to keep it at or under $25/ participant.   Call or email if you have any questions, comments or suggestions. Thank you! Sue Sherrill 804-815-9329   

Nationally known Leadership Institute trainer

Christopher Doss

presents the basics of

EFFECTIVE  Campaigning

in a two day workshop:

Monday 6 - 9 PM (April 20):

1) Real Nature of Politics:  How does the world of politicians & elections really work?
2) Developing & Delivering a Compelling Message:  How do you verbalize your issues?
3) Grassroots Lobbying:  How do you capture the attention of elected officials?
4) Letters-to-the-Editor for a digital age


Tuesday 6 - 9 PM (April 21):

1) Data:  What's the big deal about computerized voter lists & is it really important?
2) Voter ID and Voter Contact Methods:  What really works & what's a waste of time?
3) Facebook & Social Media:  Why is it important & how can you make a difference?


 (Cost & Middle Peninsula location to be decided later. )

Questions? Email

Registration required:

Opportunity for ALL, but favoritism for NONE!