Friday, September 9, 2011

Say NO to N–O (Northam–Obama)




September 9, 2011

Dear Friend,

President Obama told the nation again last night that more government stimulus is the solution to a recession economy and high unemployment.

As I walk door-to-door and talk with voters from the Eastern Shore to Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Mathews County, voters don't agree and neither do I.

My opponent, Sen. Ralph Northam, does.

Sen. Northam and Barack Obama are political partners.  Northam and Obama feel that the best way to create jobs is more spending, more regulation and higher taxes.

Northam supports Obama's takeover of health care and voted against the bill to protect Virginians from Obamacare.  Northam, like Obama, voted to raise taxes on Virginia families.

These are not the ideas that grow an economy, create jobs and build a better future.

I have a different plan.  I believe the private sector will create jobs if Ralph Northam and Barack Obama will stop over-regulating, over-spending and over-taxing.

We can oppose unionization in Virginia and support our Right-to-Work status by putting it in the Virginia Constitution.

We can improve education by requiring that at least 65% of education dollars make it to the classroom, which Sen. Northam opposes.

We can capitalize on developing energy resources offshore and create jobs while making America less dependent on foreign oil.

And we can say NO to liberal Ralph Northam and Barack Obama when they push for more government stimulus.  It won't work, and it's the wrong solution.

Say NO to N–O (Northam–Obama) !

In freedom,

Ben Loyola

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Ben Loyola is the Republican candidate in Virginia's 6th Senate District. He's a 27-year resident of Virginia Beach, Naval Academy graduate, 30-year Navy veteran with combat experience, successful businessman, and Conservative Reagan Republican.

For more information, visit or call 757-502-3114.

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